Lapis Lazuli And Grace In Your Life

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What if you’re already good enough? What if you absolutely don’t have to do anything? What if the good things in life just shower on you without you asking for it? That is what grace means. You don’t have to be good enough to receive grace. It just comes. It is something that Sarah Thomas loves to talk about because not many people open themselves up to receive grace. If anything, they are more often blocking grace from their lives. In this episode of the Crystal Clarity Podcast, we dive into the concept of grace, how it is connected to the Divine Mother, and how lapis lazuli acts as a trigger for grace to flow. The next time you wear lapis lazuli or give it to someone, you will know its significance and what it can do to a person’s life. Tune in!


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Show Notes

02:07 Temple of Stone

04:02 Rags to riches

06:23 Grace is free

10:37 The trigger for grace to flow

14:26 Lapis lazuli and the Divine Mother


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Lapis Lazuli And Grace In Your Life

This episode is all about unkinking that hose that is stopping or pinching the flow of grace in your life. The flow of grace that is coming from heaven, Earth, and nature all around you. This episode is about unblocking those chakras and letting them all receive this tremendous grace. It is all about surrendering to all of the things that you don’t have to earn, that can be easy, and that are all around you. It calls for one beautiful, elegant, rich stone, which is lapis lazuli.

Let’s pull together the link between lapis lazuli and one of the primary qualities of the divine, which is grace. After the episode, you will have a good sense of when to get someone a lapis lazuli ring, when to put it on them before bed, when to make them a lapis lazuli anointing oil, or weave some lapis lazuli stones into their next birthday card.


I’m excited because this episode is about grace. I want to define grace and us all good on the same page. Lapis lazuli is going to come shining in, uplift us, and love on us from this place of grace. I want to bring up this rags-to-riches concept. If you start from a hard place and you end up somewhere that is full of riches and treasures, I think of my little Chihuahua, Maria, who I rescued from a hoarder situation. She came out of a trailer that had 100 other dogs in it. She came to me. She was already old, gray, blind, and had a lot of health problems, and she had been living in these horrible conditions for, who knows, maybe her entire life. She was losing her hair.

Lapis lazuli is going to come shining in, uplift us, and love on us from a place of grace.

It was a sad situation, but we fell immediately in love and had smiles on our faces from the first day. By the next day, she is eating incredible food, toys, balls, and twenty beds around the house. She was in my arms all the time. It is like she went from rags to riches. She landed in the lap of the divine from her little perspective. Everything in the house smelled a million times better than in that trailer. She had all the food she wanted. She had complete safety. Something happened in her life where she got hit by grace.

Grace is this opportunity to receive because a lot comes to you. It is time to receive that love, blessings, and miracles. My mom went to a retreat with her church. She didn’t know what she was getting into. She got there and it was the pastor’s wife that ran the retreat. It turned out that the only thing it was about was God’s love, and it was about receiving God’s love. They got there, and it was the surprise giant banquet of food. It was laid out for them. She said she felt like royalty. It is like rags to riches.

Royalty is another big word that is going to come up a lot around lapis lazuli. She walked into that room and there were grapes, cheeses, fruits, chocolates, and all these things. She was like, “I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe they set that all up for us.” Tears came to her eye. There is beautiful music. They get massages. She didn’t know it was going to be all about receiving the love of God. That was all about grace. That pastor’s wife was like, “This weekend is all about grace, and it is all about receiving.”

Grace showers down on us, and it doesn’t have to be earned. That is what grace is. It showers onto us. Have you ever had to do anything to make the rain, rain? No, it hits you. Have you ever had to do anything or been enough to make the sunshine? No, the sun shines on you. It is free. You don’t have to earn it. It is tremendous love. You don’t have to be good enough for grace.

Grace is free. It showers down on us and it doesn’t have to be earned.

That is the definition of grace. You don’t have to be good enough for it. It’s loving you and given freely. It is a whole perfect reflection of the divine. Grace is a reflection of the divine. It is a primary quality of the divine because however you see that in your life or you see what the divine is, the divine is connected to infinity and eternal life. It is eternal energy. It is completely pure abundance, and it has so much to give.

I was meditating and thinking about some things as I was getting started. This thought came into my head. I was like, “What if you are already good enough?” Because I was trying to be good enough, my mind and myself were trying to be good enough to get something started. I didn’t realize I was doing this. Thank goodness for the grace right of this voice. It was like, “What if you are already good enough? What would you do if you were already good enough?”

Everything shifted in my day because I sat there for a second and I took that seriously. “What if I’m already good enough? How would I be on this day if I was already good enough?” I relax and I start to receive the grace of who I already am. What is already available to me, so I don’t have to earn what’s coming up in the day?

What if you are already good enough to start, heal, succeed, be happy, and change? What if there is nothing that you even have to do? It is mind-blowing to the Western mind. It is completely derailing to the self because the self or the mind feels like it always has to do enough and strive. It will never be enough.


This immense grace is often forgotten. Because the self or the mind is loud, we forget about this immense grace. Some of the greatest teachers in my life and the people that I consider tapped and connected to the divine help me remember. One of the main things they have shared and helped me remember is to allow and receive grace. She has a lot to give. Receive the miracles, that this could happen to you and this could be easy. Let that grace in like that sun is always shining on you. With grace, all you have to do is open to receive it.

Grace is this powerful magical quality of the divine. It allows us to know that things can happen easily and without cultivation or hard work. Things can happen without you having to earn it. It is free. How is the grace flowing in your life? How is it flowing for you right now? Have you forgotten about grace? Have you forgotten to receive all of the miracles and possibilities sitting there waiting for you to open to them when you are asking yourself, “How is the grace flowing in your life?”


If you see someone who is a little bit stuck, they are in that loop of like, “I have to suffer to transcend,” you might start to open up the grace portals with lapis lazuli. It always comes in with this beautiful message of surrender to grace. It is all around you. Surrender to it and let it in. It is truly one of the major qualities and attributes of the divine, not the divine as we think of it in heaven, but the divine that is the Earth. The Earth feeds all of us every single day. The grace coming from the Earth is immeasurable.

Open your body and all seven chakras to receive that grace. Lapis lazuli is a stone that is going to bring you up to that beautiful possibility of receiving grace, receiving it easily in your life. It is the trigger for grace to flow. If you put on that lapis lazuli ring or that jewelry, put it on somebody in treatment or on yourself before bed, it is the trigger for that grace to flow. It allows you to surrender to that grace, and it reminds you of it.

Lapis lazuli is a stone that brings you up to the beautiful possibility of receiving grace. It is the trigger for grace to flow.

When I was in Egypt, I was in a few museums. Everything is lapis lazuli. It is huge on all of the royalty, kings, and queens. Everybody was wearing lapis lazuli. When I was in India, all of the avatars and riches were lapis lazuli. It is like saying, “I’m receiving the grace of the divine. I’m allowing myself to sit not in rags anymore but in riches. I’m allowing myself to be royal.”

In China, Tibet, and all around the world, lapis lazuli is when we allow ourselves to receive the grace of the divine. Riches is an important word. The color of lapis lazuli is so rich blue. Imagine finding that in the Earth that is incredible blue, it’s like, “What a gift. What a precious treasure.” It is precious that it didn’t even need to be changed to become a paint pigment. It became lapis lazuli paint pigment. It is rich. It was prized and beautiful.

It is valued that painters back in the day would only have a tiny bit. They have to save up for a tiny bit of lapis lazuli paint pigment. When you only had that tiny bit, you would not paint your whole canvas with it. You would save it for these little moments like, “I’m painting the Virgin Mary. I’m going to use my last little bit of this to paint this scarf on her neck or paint her blue eyes.” It was like saying, “This is extremely valuable. I’m going to put it on what is most valuable.” When you put lapis lazuli on yourself, you are like saying, “I’m valuable. I can receive blessings and miracles. I can allow myself to go from rags to riches.”

Sugilite can be a rich color purple. Cinnabar and hematite can be rich red. Gold is rich. Anytime something has a rich color, it is going to put richness into us. Watermelon tourmaline can be rich green and rich watermelon. It puts richness into us in the form of physical tonification or spiritual material richness. That richness of color is a translation of richness in us.



We all want a rich life. I don’t care who you are. You want your life to be rich. It might be completely different from what richness looks like to you to someone else. I know for my partner, a rich day would be if she could sit and read her book in the little nook of the couch. Smell the pages of the book, read one book, get out another book, and be in her world of books. That is rich to her, and have the house be quiet.

I’m a teacher at college. I go to the college campus. I’m around people and we share ideas. That is rich for some people. I’m a Gemini, so that was my example. Other people might be like, “What was rich for me was that this crew and I built this tree house together. To see everybody working together was rich.” We want our lives to be rich. It is different for us, but that feeling of like, “My life feels rich.” That felt nourishing and rich. You are going to get that from these rich stones and rich in color.

lapis lazuli is rich. It is connected to the divine mother aspects and the grace that flows from the divine mother. The grace that flows from the divine father is connected to sunstone. The divine father’s grace is a lot about shifting our consciousness, waking us up, making us clear, and making us lucid. The divine father shares a lot of gifts of consciousness and grace around waking up, like consciousness, activations, boons, blessings on what we have, blessings on what we create, and growing things like that.

The divine mother and the grace that she shares can be a lot around material wealth, having enough to eat, clothes, and shelter, elevating that to having wealth, riches, and prosperity, which is enough to give away to share and take everybody to Italy for the summer. It’s to have that prosperity to give away, and she loves to give pure pleasure like “Here is an incredible bath and food.” Receive pleasure of the senses.

The divine mother gives the pleasure of that incredible, beautiful, stunning stone lapis lazuli that is that beautiful rich blue color. Some people say it is the most stunning color that the Earth has made. It has this gold, which is pyrite. There is even some sodalite in lapis lazuli, which looks like there is some quartz in there.

Lapis lazuli is a rock. It is not one mineral. It is full of different things. It looks like you are looking up at the night sky. You see incredible glittering stars, and the Milky Way galaxy stretches across the sky. The gold riches inside this beautiful blue. What could be richer than that looking up? It is like we are receiving this heavenly grace. The divine mother aspects of grace are connected to lapis lazuli. The divine father aspects of grace are connected to lapis lazuli and connected to sunstone itself.

Pleasure, beauty, rags to riches, having enough, having wealth, having prosperity. The divine mother, I feel sometimes she was like, “Receive and enjoy it. You don’t have to work hard. That is grace. You should receive and enjoy it.” What would happen if you let go and surrendered? Where could grace take you in your life?


When we come up to conversations like this, there is a place where I can lose some people. When I talk about this, letting things come and being worthy to receive all of this grace because the light and shower of grace are strong. One of its superpowers is it will illuminate the shame and the unworthiness programs inside of you. It will illuminate the “I’m not good enough” programs inside of you. That is the beauty of grace. Look how it is able to root those out and bring those into the light.

When you see that unworthiness program, that is a giant part of the process. Some people would say, “It is the whole process.” To see it is to be free of it. When you see that “I’m not good enough” program, that is a giant step. You should be cheering and celebrating because it means to see it is moving through.

Grace and lapis lazuli have a way of bringing us up to face our shame, unworthiness, and all of this not good enough stuff that is embedded in the programming of the self. That is the same for all of us. There is no self out there that doesn’t have shame, unworthiness, and not good enough to move through it. It can be to different degrees, but it is truly not personal to you. It is a quality of the self, the one giant program that we are waking up to.

A wonderful time to bring out lapis lazuli is to say to someone, “You don’t anoint yourself with riches. Receive this love.” What if somebody gets an amazing partner and they are blocking it? What if someone has this ability for something to be easy, and they are blocking it? Receive it. Somebody might be doing well in their business, but they are not receiving that piece that would allow them to make money, make that change, or get that first down payment on a house. Lapis lazuli is the moment to say, “Remember, there are miracles. There is so much grace out there that you don’t have to earn. It is coming.” Open all seven chakras to receive that grace. When I say that, you might feel a couple of the chakras that are like, “I’m not receiving that grace.”



Now that you have come to this episode and you have thought about this a little bit, you are going to start seeing lapis lazuli around. You are going to start noticing this always in riches, queens, and beautiful jewelry. I hope that there is a moment for you to become conscious of that question that I asked in the middle of the episode, like, “How is the flow of grace going in your life? Are you allowing it to be easy? Are you allowing the divine to shine its love on you? Are you receiving all of the energy in nature that is all around you, that wants to feed you, come up through the Earth and air? Are you receiving that? Are you letting that into your body?”

We have to wonder, with these stones, did some human pull out this stone and say, “That is beautiful?” Humans started making up this story about what this stone does, or did this stone come up out of the Earth with the transmission inside it with a higher consciousness of receiving grace inside of it from the Earth or celestial realms? Did that transmission hit us and start moving in us as we started to interact with the stone? You got to wonder. Maybe it is our imaginations, and our imaginations are the same as these divine transmissions or it is all one. I wish you so much grace, and I will see you in the next episode.



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