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Sacred Technologies
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Welcome to...

I know it often feels like we are accelerating towards a hopeless future.

Thought leaders and ecologists are losing hope, some voicing that we are about to damage the Earth beyond repair.

When I lean in and listen more deeply to the medicine-keepers, indigenous elders, and spiritual leaders, their voices begin to illuminate a unified message.

In the next few years, many GREAT cycles of life as we know it, will come to an end.

There's hope.

Rather than hurtling towards desperate global disasters, we are posed to create a New Earth.

These cycles all converge at a singularity.

All of these prophecies spiral towards completion in the next few years (2024-2027).

Right now, we stand at the threshold of a new era where we finally become conscious of our power to crate our own reality.

The invitation right now is to conserve, protect and restore Nature and harmony between living systems. This is an opportunity to experience that rewarding path.

A series of 7 in-depth trainings designed to pass you the foundational knowledge of ancient land healing
and earth gridwork.
✓  Conserve, protect and restore nature with metaphysical ancient skills

Synthesize ancient wisdom traditions, universal laws, and emergent future technologies to co-create reality with the earth

✓ Learn how to tap into the unified field with stones, crystals and grids

Learn ancient protocols and remember your own special abilities and intuitive ways of creating

✓  Become the skilled medicine-keeper of your personal home and property

Feel the sparkling empowerment of engaging with your own home and land as a living temple. Employ many methods to cleanse, uplift, and regenerate space

Watching this is almost hypnotic. 

I just fell into the energy of the experiences. Something so ancient is emanating from Sarah's being.

The diagrams, graphics, videos, and photos combined with the eloquently spoken information offered in such an open hearted manner was perfect.”

- SPS, Student of Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine

“I found this training exactly what I desire and require at this point in my life journey.

I especially like that I can make this work my own after learning frameworks to experiment with on my property.

The first time I experienced Sarah's work and personality I had resonance with her intelligence, talent, generosity, commitment. She's the best. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your expertise with us.”

- CL, LAc and Student of Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine

“These offerings changed my life...I've learned to be more open. 

I love the wisdom and knowledge shared. 

I became a sponge just absorbing all this information..

The format was easy to work through. Sarah did a great job conveying the information."

- Theresa Sherrill LMT, CST, Reiki Master

A power was gifted to this world millions of years ago.

It was the knowledge of co-creatorship with the invisible energy that emerges from the Earth.

Some ancient texts call the keepers of knowledge the Seven Reishis. Some call them the Shining Ones.

In the beginning, they found the Earth's power spots -places of emergent living energy- and accessed them with stones.

As technology spread, builders began to implement more sacred sites, creating sanctuaries all over the world.

This training is all about tapping into that power.

The access points are everywhere.

The place where you live right now can be awakened through your own personal awareness.

You can carry on the tradition of this ancient knowledge to protect, elevate, nurture and regenerate your space.

Maybe most importantly, you can link your space into the greater grid - the unified field of all potentials.

Let's co-create the birth of the next great cycle.

“Through this class, I’ve had a shift in consciousness that brings me to a safe and beautiful world, with so much to explore.

This was so easy to listen to and shared with so much passion. I was glad to be able to listen to the classes at my own pace as I needed time to process and go down some rabbit holes.  

I have truly loved all the courses I have done with Sarah, she is a brilliant teacher and I sat in trust of the journey she took me on in this course.”

- Anneliese Mitchell

I was blown away with the learning and the way I was able to assimilate it. 

I felt so much permission to be imperfect and be a beginner. That was liberating.

This course provided me with greater insight into other courses I have completed. Complex topics have been explained so simply and have made them easy to understand. I can now engage these principles in my work!

Studying land healing naturally encompassed…relationship healing. This created miracles within my own interactions and was priceless.

Sarah’s passion was infectious and motivational. Brilliant and amazing.”

- Ivana Sicilia

“I didn’t know what to expect in this class and I loved all of it so much!

There was so much information I never expected! I feel these teachings deep within my soul. I surprised myself with how much I dived into the practices and projects and how much I loved it.

This was far superior to other classes I’ve taken in the past around this subject, which is another reason I keep signing up for every class I can with Sarah. Sarah is a natural teacher and nails it every single time. “

- Kris Caissie

What You'll Learn

How to Build a Daoist Magic Circle

Simple and specific crystal grid for clearing and recharging stones and creating alchemical tools with the earth

Elder's Protocol to Cleanse and Protect Your Home

 Step-by-step, with ancient wisdom. A project that will change everything in your space.

Profound Technique to Open Authentic Relationship with Land or Space

 The perfect guidance from indigenous wisdom-keepers. Now you can ask questions and co-create

 A Shamanic Divination Tool for Opening the Doorways to any Space

 GAME-changer. I could not imagine living without this tool. Answers and communication are all here.

 A Deep Dive into the Miraculous Stones & Minerals

-what stones to work with and why

-what forms of energy they conduct

-the power of crystal grids, how to build the, and why this is deep

Knowledge on the Most Powerful Grid Stones on Earth

gold, mica, quartz, copper, shungite, kyanite, selenite, and more!

The Rainbow Crystalline Grid Explained

Heal so much with this one revelation alone. Tap into this in your own space.

The Earth is The Heart

The secrets of Mother Earth that are EVERYTHING. Monatomic elements, scalar energy, fractals and more explorations of the unified field.

How to Build a Holy Trinity Light Grid

Simple and specific grid you create with stones to bring LIGHT, grace, blessings and higher vibrations to your space.

How to Choose and Set Up One Receiver Stone

This receiver stone will bring powerful energy into your whole space.

How to Choose and Set up One Clearing Stone

A clearing stone will transmute dense energy in your entire space.

How to Build an Earth Alter

This is an Earth-powered alter that can be life-changing for you and your home.

Quartz Captures and the Consecration of Space

How to bless and open a new space and how to imprint the essence of any nature being into quartz.

Releasing Trauma from Land

How to perform the clearings.

Soul Retrieval for Land and Spaces

How to build grids to bring back the whole energy.

Water Pouring and Elixirs for Land Healing

Working with stone elixirs to heal and offer to land

Working with Resonance and Radionics

How to safely and effectively work with small-scale resonant representations of space.

Working with Maps and Pictures to Heal & Protect even from a distance

Simple and specific crystal grid for clearing and recharging stones and creating alchemical tools with the earth

How to Build a Crystal Grid to Cloak Your Home

This is a fun small scale project that protects your home vibrationally. It works!

And So Much More!

Offerings and blessing techniques, a deep dive into the Wu, the 3 foundations of Land Healing and more.

The Format of Your Training

Land Healing & Earth Gridwork
Bridges the Best of the Many Worlds

When you enroll you'll get instant access to:

An 7-Part Comprehensive Online Training in Land Healing and Earth Gridwork
Synthesized from ancient wisdom traditions and emergent future technologies, and containing over 28 hours of training, segmented into shorter segments, making them easy to digest.

A Collection of Authentic, Story-Filled Lectures
With a depth and breadth of information to suit anyone from a complete beginner to a seasoned Earthworker. You'll receive clear, detailed practices and protocols you can pull right into your own personal home. Life in the course is exciting and you can move around and experience your favorite parts without going in order.

Take-at-Your-Own-Pace Access to All of the Course Contents
You can open any part at any time and refresh, you can go as slow or as fast as you need to. Whatever your learning style is, you have the space to let it emerge.

Lifetime Access to all of the Materials
Like an ancient book in a silica crystal chip that you can reference for life and return to the archives again and again!

By the end of your training, your life will be completely transformed. Having these tools to carry forward is priceless.

“I am so proud that I’ve learned so much more about this earth, and how I can use these magical tools to protect my environment and home, while supporting mother earth.

Once again Sarah, this training was well balanced and still had me wanting more. I know that it’s time now to get outside and widen my faith in myself and my new tools.”

- VS

“This training was the answer to years of prayers for something with this content and this level of frequency. 

I find that in Sarah's containers I feel so alive and connected to the teachings, but this one took that feeling to a new depth! The particular energy of this material was SO resonant with me.

I loved every single part.”

- Mary Evelyn Pritchard

“Unlimited creative freedom led with clear intention and pure heart!

I gained a variety of tools. I loved getting to know my crystal friends in this way.  

The grids are soooo powerful! 

I am beyond impressed and blessed with this!!!!!

- Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine Student

 Read this Important List

If you have these experiences, you will love this work:

🏡 You’re moving to a new home or land and you want to listen to the space and open relationship with it

☠️ You want to protect yourself, your family or pets from detrimental or low-frequency energy in the area


🍂 You want to reset or update the energy of the space you live in. It’s time for a change in the vibration that matches where you are now. 


💚 You’re interested in bringing healing and regenerative energy to your home, property, wild animals or greater Nature spirits


🌀 You want to enhance the power and life-force of your spaces for ceremonies, rituals, healings or other sacred events


⚡️You’re having issues with Nature forces or even supernatural forces in your space and you want to clear, protect and balance the energy


💎 You want to learn how to work with stones and grids to tap into the greater grid of ancient sites, power spots, and connect with the unified field energy


🔥 You’d love to know where to place energy centers like fire pits, alters or energy grids for the most beneficial energy


1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ You want step-by-step protocols and simple techniques that give you clarity on where to begin and how to go forward

Learn the tools that propel you into inspired creative action!

Right now, ALL New Students Receive these

Extra Bonuses!

When you say "Yes" to your next level of skill,
all of this comes with it:


Bonus #1: LIVE Q&A and Bonus Class with your guide for the course

After you get going in the training, let’s sit down for a live chat on zoom. Sarah will answer your questions and help you think about your own projects and share some ideas. Gathering with the rest of the students in the class will feel great, too. This one live gathering will be an important touch-point for you. We will schedule it in the coming weeks to align perfectly to your new explorations. If you can't attend live, we will surely add this Q&A to your online content.


Bonus #2: A private 10% off coupon code for the Stones for the Land Healing & Earth Gridwork Collection in our crystal shop

Since 2009, the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine has been guiding students at important moments in their journeys. This training symbolizes our leap from healing humans to healing greater spaces. We have found that students love to have guidance on finding great stones, so several years ago, we opened a crystal shop, so we could share our powerful, natural and ethically sourced minerals finds with all of them. When you enroll in this training, you'll receive this coupon code for this course collection with contains hundreds of listings. When you enroll in this course, you receive a private 10% off coupon code for all crystals in our extensive Land Healing & Earth Gridwork Collection for 90 days. 


Bonus #3:  Conversations with Elder Jyoti Ma

Jyoti Ma is a living elder who stands as a voice for Mother Earth and a grandmother to humanity. It was such a blessing to have her sit down with the first and only group of students to take this training. She shares about the new great cycle that we stand on the precipice of, multiple timelines and realities, how to honor indigenous traditions in this work, and how to let the Earth speak to you and "give you her protocols." This is an inspiring 2-part conversation and brings the light of a true living elder to your experience.


Bonus #4:  How to Transmute Dense Energy with Elder Marna Whaleheart

Powerhourse Wu, Marna Whaleheart, steps in to guide you in the process of transmuting dense energy with your own spiritual anatomy. Often, we are guided to send energy to be composted down to Mother Earth. But, what if we can transmute energy with our own bodies? We can and it's so empowering. Growing in power to transmute dense energy is crucial for healers and space-holders, too. Marna is the ultimate shamanic force to guide you through this process in this recorded session.


Bonus #5: Supportive, Private, and Easy Online Community

When I'm in a class and I have a question, the first thing I do is connect with other students on the social page for the class and see what everyone comes back with. We have a private social group page for students who have graduated from full trainings such as this, and we'll send you an invite to join us when you enroll. Tons of people will be there to greet you. The group couldn’t be more kind.


Bonus #6: Lifetime Access to the Recording of Quartz and Finding the Spiritual Heart of Your Space Training

Did you catch the free workshop about finding the spiritual heart of your space?  In it, you learn how to use hand-drawn pictures, blueprints, or Google Earth Pro to find the spiritual heart of your space. This is actually a precise geographic location in your home or on your land. Locating this is a valuable tool and one of the best starting points for the work you will do. That workshop expires, but when you enroll in this training, you'll receive it to refer back to for life. It's helpful to have the visual guidance.


During this training I built a grid to clear and heal the land I live on. It was such a deep, satisfying, connecting experience for me.

During the time of this training I felt a 'falling away' of old ways of life. It became clear to me what my life is about. How simple it is.

Sarah is so entertaining because of the richness of descriptions and inspiring depth of knowledge. I LOVE the lessons with Jyoti and Marna. I appreciate sitting with others who live and breathe this life. It's a rare privilege for me.

It's safe to say I found a LOT of good medicine in the way this met my life.

- Lisa Adams  Certified Stone Medicine Practitioner

Let's recap!

When you enroll in Land Healing & Earth Gridwork,

you receive...


  Instant access to a 7-part comprehensive training in land healing and earth gridwork - from ancient traditions to future technologies - 
You gain over 28 hours of guidance segmented into easy-to-assimilate lesson - you get the videos, the audios, the handouts - a COMPLETE ancient system for land healing and earth gridwork - and one that you'll have for the rest of your life.
(value $10,875)




LIVE Q&A and Bonus Class with Sarah Thomas, LAc
All of your questions answered and valuable extra tips (value $297)


 A private 10% off coupon code for the Land Healing & Earth Gridwork Collection in our crystal shop
It's the best on Earth (value varies)

✓  Bonus: Conversations with Elder Jyoti Ma
(value $125)

✓  Bonus: How to Transmute Dense Energy with Elder Marna Whaleheart 
(value $175)

Supportive, Private, and Easy Online Community in our graduates-only private social media group. This is a kind community (value...priceless!)
✓ Lifetime Access to the recording of Quartz and Finding the Spiritual Heart of Your Space Training (value $220)

Over $11,692 in value!

Plus some priceless connections...









Regular Tuition

Save 50% thru May 29th

Enroll for just 2 installments of $327!


Or, click here to take care of it in
one installment and save an extra $57!

“I can't even compare this with any other course I've taken, truly. 

There’s SO MUCH knowledge here! It’s presented in a coherent, careful and methodical way. This is exactly what I was looking for!

Sarah is a wonderful teacher. They have a very adept way of relaying the knowledge, keeping things light, but staying focused at the same time. I so appreciated this, it made it easy to learn and absorb the information. 

I'm not in a position right now to travel to trainings, so this online format was truly a blessing. 

It's all so good!

For someone like me, who is starting at the beginning, this was more than I could have asked for.”  

- G.E.

My Guarantee to You

This promise makes this a no-brainer.

Since 2013, we've been surrounded by happy, inspired and effective students at The Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine.

We aim to keep it that way because it's the most important thing to us. This is why I've created a full guarantee on this course. If you're unhappy with your enrollment for any reason simply email us within 30 days at [email protected] and we will quickly reply and refund your entire investment IN FULL. Jessica, your course assistant, will be right on the other end ready to refund you

-and she will thank you for giving us a try.

 You can enroll in this journey with zero risk and so very much to gain.

Our spaces are 1% matter and 99% energy, frequency and vibration.


Learning to tend to the multidimensional nature of homes and land is the key to the conservation, protection and restoration of Nature.


The power is there to tap into. you only need to take the leap of faith and dive into the unknowing.


We are only open for new students for 8 days total! Seize the opportunity!










Regular Tuition

Save 50% thru May 29th

Enroll for just 2 installments of $327!


Or, click here to take care of it in
one installment and save an extra $57!

Why I'm offering this entire training for a fraction of its value:

You will be blown away by all of the tools in this training! There are some that are worth the entire tuition alone. We cut the tuition down to 1/10th of the value and then reduced that regular tuition by 50%. We have never done that before!

The reason is simple, we want you to have this. If you are asking the questions, How can I protect my space, how can I restore nature, how can I bring balance to my environment for all living things - then YOU are exactly who will make a difference in this world. Let's walk with these questions together. Bringing hope or healing to any one living thing is worth it.

“Over and over and over I felt like my world had been expanded.

It's hard to imagine a more valuable, precious, rare, and distilled walk into the realms of 5D, fractals and the unified field.

I feel acutely the monumental gift Sarah has given to the world to present such overarchingly complex, path-breaking, and often controversial information in this training.

I am profoundly grateful at how this training re-oriented my sense of what being a land healer could be. It centers on my own home space, and my own self, rather than something external such as ley lines or pilgrimages.

It is immensely reassuring for me as an aging elder,  to know that the work I can do easily in my own home and on my own land, is of significance to the whole without my needing necessarily to travel.

This course was profound in increasing my feeling of confidence and faith in ways to feel vibrant and participatory.

This provided me with an immeasurable precious resource.”

- GHC, Student of Upper Clarity of School of Stone Medicine

Your Instructor

Sarah Thomas, LAc

Founder and Lead instructor at Upper Clarity Stone Medicine

Sarah Thomas, MAc, LAc is a student of many master teachers.

Sarah has owned Clarity Acupuncture in Asheville, North Carolina since 2009. She has performed over 10,000 stone/needle hybrid treatments and has evolved the potentials of working with stones and crystals on the body.

In 2016, Sarah has a sudden awakening related to the earth grids. The meridians of the body became the ley lines of the earth, and Sarah started the process of working with stones in the greater world.

Sarah founded the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine in 2013, her Daoist training is extensive and she teaches all over the U.S. at conferences and events. Sarah synthesizes multiple wisdom traditions with lived experience in order to share the vast potentials of healing and awakening with stones.

Jessica Sparks-Mussulin

Teacher Assistant and Coordinator of Student Success

When Jessica's not rockhounding, she's taking care of stone medicine students. She'll help you with logistics and practical aspects of course success and completion. She's been studying stone medicine and has been with Upper Clarity for a decade! She's an amazing T.A. and will always be there for easy and fast communication in your learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions










Regular Tuition

Save 50% thru May 29th

Enroll for just 2 installments of $327!


Or, click here to take care of it in
one installment and save an extra $57!

“I so appreciate this wisdom!

I felt the organization, depth and length of this experience were ideal. I love Sarah as a teacher and what a treat to get to learn from elder, Joyti Ma!” 

- Julie Dumke


“The amount of material in this course for the exchange was impressive!”

- Derek Loudermilk, Quantum Business Coach


“The flow of creativity this class inspired is exhilarating!

I simply loved the training! There was so much inside the course to unpack and integrate into my work, play, and art. I received so much! I always appreciate Sarah’s teaching style. She’s confident, open, friendly, approachable and humble.  

I learned so much more about the creation of energy devices and I look forward to tons of creative experimentation on our land and one day with my clients' land! 

I can’t even wait for the next class!”

- TwelveTemples


“Best imaginable! 

I feel so blessed to be a part of this. It has all been great medicine for me that has opened a love and ease working in the field.” 

- Michele R Smith 


"I love all of the simple ways to show gratitude, make payments, and give back to the land.

I love the content, format, and integrity behind the work."



“This whole course opened something in me that was right there on the brink - waiting for this to come in.

There was so much I loved about it. This triggered so many ideas and realizations that I cannot even begin to describe here."

- Jewel










Regular Tuition

Save 50% thru May 29th

Enroll for just 2 installments of $327!


Or, click here to take care of it in
one installment and save an extra $57!