Master the ancient art of vibrational stone medicine to heal and awaken.


i know you've been there

in one of those fated moments where you find a special stone.

Other times, a special stone finds you.

You feel an immediate bond and hope to deepen our relationship.

For thousands of years, ancient healers have placed stones and crystals in water, creating stone elixirs, as a way to deepen that bond.‚Äč

When you want to know a stone, elixirs open the stone inside of you.

This is a gateway to limitless possibilities.

Stone elixirs are the most potent and underutilized vibrational medicine on Earth.

You can now make them at home in small batches, safely and effectively, every time.

After almost a year of closed doors, we are reopening this course to new students again!


I absolutely love this course because it is so SIMPLE!!

All you need is a crystal, water and a holding vessel.

I feel confident about starting now because of the information you are sharing.

The rest is up to me to listen to my intuition together with your lessons, a nice balance!

~ A.A., Making Stone Elixirs & Formularies Student

This course is just amazing!

It left me feeling a sense of security on how
to safely create, store and administers elixirs.

I have always had a personal
relationship with all my stones.

This is a life changing experience for me regarding my health, healing and my personal spiritual journey of transformation.

~ S.S., Making Stone Elixirs & Formularies Student

I happily listened to this course twice!

I envision an even deeper relationship with my stones and now. I can't wait to get new ones, like watermelon tourmaline.

As a healer, I will now notice more when someone expresses patterns that are ancestral or otherwise long term and get curious about what stone I can offer to move them forward.

~ T.L., Making Stone Elixirs & Formularies Student

‚úst 9 Inspiring parts that will change the way you see Earth medicine forever¬†

Clear, organized, and designed specifically for online learners like you.

‚úst¬†Covers thousands of years of knowledge

From ancient Daoist stone medicine to cutting-edge vibrational technologies in simple and practical terms.

‚úst¬†NCCAOM Approved for 12 CEU/PDAs for Acupuncturists and O.M. practitioners

Designed to seriously upgrade your practice, self healing, or family healing.

‚úst 9 Inspiring Modules that will change the way you see Earth medicine forever¬†

Clear, organized, and designed specifically for online learners like you.

‚úst¬†Covers thousands of years of knowledge

From ancient Daoist stone medicine to cutting-edge vibrational technologies in simple and practical terms.

‚úst¬†NCCAOM Approved for 12 CEU/PDAs for Acupuncturists and O.M. practitioners

Designed to seriously upgrade your practice, self healing, or family healing.

 Wow! This has deepened my medicine with the stones, myself, my clients, and my creations.

in all of the most magical and profound ways.

These are transmissions my heart was waiting for!"

~ Lorin Purifoy, Owner Purifoy Spirit Remedies and Sacred Ways Apothecary


There is so much wisdom, honesty and vulnerability in the way Sarah presents this information - it's truly special.

I've been working with herbal medicines for years now and this course has opened me up to a whole new world of Earth medicine for me.

The stone and plant combinations were fascinating and really inspiring. The different methods for making elixirs all made so much sense. The guidance on how to create formularies was so helpful. It was very engaging and inspiring to see stones from these perspectives. I just hadn't connected these dots before.

Your courses are like no other courses I have ever taken. Thank you.

~ C.M. Herbalist and Healer

take a look at everything you're about to learn:

Part 1

History of
Ancient Daoist Stone Medicine Elixirs

Gain a full understanding of the depth and scope of Ancient Daoist Stone Medicine Elixirs

Part 2

How Elixirs Work- The Science of Stones in Water


Understand the scientific principles of Stones in Water in a way that is clear and easy to understand

Part 3

The Periodic Table and Constituents


Learn the full range of The Constituents and The Essences of Stones

Part 4

How to Make Stone Elixirs Like the Ancients


Practice like the Ancients with teachings of 4 Old Methods

Part 5

How to Make Stone Elixirs Like Flower Essences

Experience stone elixirs with a similar process to Flower Essences

Part 6

How to Make
Stone Elixirs Homeopathically

Utilize profound homeopathic techniques in  making stone elixirs

Part 7

Following the P.A.T.H. Method for Making Formularies

Become confident with this systematic way to make the most potent formularies for yourself, your family, and your clients

Part 8

Shamanic Potentation and Building Your Apothecary

Fully activate Your Intuitive Apothecary

Part 9

Your ULTIMATE Safety Guide + Plant and Stone Alchemy!

Apply safety guidelines to your formularies with the bonus guide to Plant and Stone Alchemy

This course was absolutely life-changing for me.

I have been practicing, studying and teaching Chinese medicine, and working with stones for nearly 30 years, including living in China and getting a Ph.D. there, and yet I feel I have been searching for you and these teachings since I began this journey 30 years ago. Thank you.

You have changed the way I practice, and you have changed my life, profoundly.

~ A. Less, LAc, PhD

enroll now and get these
special course bonuses!

Bonus #1: Pearl, Sulfur and Charoite Elixirs for Healing and Higher States eBook

In this eBook, I'll share 3 elixir recipes that were game-changers for me, my family, and my patients over the past year. These are recipes you will never forget. They are outlined clearly for you with descriptions of exactly how to use them and when to make them. A friend of mine texted me after making an elixir from this book and said, "Sarah! You were not kidding about the power of those elixirs!" They work! But, truly, the whole point of sharing my own personal formulas is to give you a stepping stone (or a stepping charoite) to start writing your own.

Value - $97

Bonus #2: Full Reference Guide to the Course

I rarely give handouts because I believe that taking your own notes is an important part of learning. The process creates your very first personal connection with the knowledge. And... because this course covers thousands of years of practical knowledge, let's supplement your own notes with a thorough guide. In your reference guide, you'll find summaries of the different methods for making elixirs, guidance on length of treatment and dosages, lists of unsafe and safe stones, and more. You'll be able to easily print this out and keep it on hand for your reference for the rest of your medicine journey. 

Value - $297

Bonus #3: A 10% off coupon code for the entire Elixir Kit Collection at The Clarity Crystal Shop

To help get you started and to get your creative juices flowing, we have several elixir kits to choose from - all of which contain 3 different highly energetic natural crystals that will create potent stone elixirs. Try out the new Records of the Past Kit, which includes jet, copal and ammonite. Or, choose the Love Heals All Kit and receive watermelon tourmaline, red zircon and fluorescent ruby. We also carry the elixir-making tools that I speak about in the training. These will transform your practice, making things easier, safer, and longer lasting. There are over 300 crystals in this collection! We created our shop for our students, so you're our V.I.P. These are truly the most potent crystals in the world. Everything we carry is all completely natural.

Value - Varies

Bonus #4: How to Work with Dyed, Heat-Treated or Synthetically Altered Stones Mini Training

I've been all over the world for gems shows. I've seen mashed up blueberries used as dyes, food additive glues used as stabilizers, and even spray paint used as a color enhancer! If you've been drawn to stones for a while, you probably have some synthetically altered stones in your collection. Are they safe to work with? What do these synthetic treatments do to the spirit of the stone? What specific minerals are almost always heat treated? How can you tell if something has been treated? Can we give these stones a new beginning? This is a whole new layer to sort through that our ancient ancestors didn't have to contend with. In this bonus mini-training, you'll get some advice that will help you navigate these blueberry waters.

Value - $197

Bonus #5: An Invitation to our graduates only private social media community

Time to connect. And not only with Making Stone Elixirs and Formularies graduates like your soon-to-be self. But, with the entire Upper Clarity graduates community. You can pop in and ask questions, which is so useful. You won't feel alone with your stone school books. And, all of these graduates are stone people! Rock people! Crystal nerds. They are healers, geology people, medicine-makers and artists. Ask them anything- where to get special stones, where they went rockhounding, how they made their coconut and lapis lazuli massage salve - whatever it is, kind people will be there to connect. 

Value - Priceless!
This experience opened the doors for old friends of mine to step back into my life.

The flower devas, the trees - all wanting to be a part of my work with the stones.
My communication with the animal kingdom opened back up as well.

It's like I walked out into a big old family reunion.
Flowers, trees, rocks and animals - all of my favorite things!
The teachings and quotes Sarah shared about the true science of water were worth the entire investment in this course alone!

~ J.B., Holistic Veterinarian

Even if you intuitively feel the radiant synergy between stones and water,

you might still be wondering:

Is making stone elixirs an ancient healing art, or is this something new?

Yes, it's a very old practice mostly stemming from ancient China. The great thing about this course is that it bridges the old wisdom with the new vibrational medicine discoveries.

How do I really make these work? Aren't there energetic (magical) factors in making medicine that truly transforms people?

The beauty and poetry of Chinese Medicine and its relationship with life, qi, power and magic will all be explored. This could be your most important question.

Is this like herbal medicine? Or flower essences? Or both? How do I combine stones with what I'm already making?

Yes! This is one of the most exciting parts - when you know how stones are different, and how to make stone elixirs, you can alchemize many different Earth medicines. Witchin' in the Kitchen in full effect.

How do I figure out the right dosage? How do I create a handy apothecary? What are all the clinical tips?

These questions are all answered by a practitioner with fifteen years of real clinical experience.

How do I make these safely? Aren't there harmful metals in some stones?

Yes, there are. You do need a guide in this work. This course will guide you into complete understanding of heavy metals and how you can make any stone elixir with 100% full safety.

I'm not a professional practitioner. Is this course for me?

Yes. One of our specialties here at Upper Clarity is making stone medicine accessible to everyone. Energy healers, alchemists, herbalists, and your everyday medicine-person of the household have always studied here and have had great experiences.

I was hooked the entire course.

This was beyond anything I could have ever imagined it would be. It was not only the information being shared, it was the way that you shared it that made learning so fun and engaging.

This teaching alone will change the course of my life moving forward in how I relate and form relationships with everything in existence.

As I practice embodying this, things are beginning to slowly shift, mainly internally but externally as well.

Cultivating my relationship with stones has already brought so much joy and life-force energy into my life, I get so giddy around them. As though they are the very best friends I did not know have always been there for me until now. I honestly get emotional from that realization.

I know within my body that this connection can only deepen and strengthen as we continue to nurture our relationship with one another.

This course has also opened up potentials I had not even acknowledged prior.

I can feel ideas stewing in my creative cauldron of how I might work with the stones to be in greater service of the whole.

I am not currently a practitioner of any kind but have long felt a calling to be.

I believe there will soon come a moment where I will release my current profession of being a nanny and jump into the void of the unknown.

~ V.V. Stone-Lover

Okay, let's recap.
hen you enroll in

You'll receive a COMPLETE step-by-step guided training on making stone and crystal elixirs safely and effectively, including:

9 Inspiring Modules That Will Change the Way You See Earth Medicine Forever 

Clear, organized and designed specifically for online learners like you, including both audio and video formats.

NCCAOM Approved for 12 CEU/PDAs for Acupuncturists and O.M. Practitioners

Designed to seriously upgrade your practice.

Covers Thousands of Years of Knowledge

From ancient Daoist stone medicine to cutting-edge vibrational technologies in simple and practical terms.

Value - $3,750


You keep all of it for life and you walk away with a foundation you'll stand on forever.

~ plus ~

Bonus #1:
Pearl, Sulfur and Charoite Elixirs for Healing and Higher States eBook 

Value - $97
Bonus #2:
Full Reference Guide to the Course Downloadable Handout


Value - $297
Bonus #3: 
 10% Off ALL Elixir Kits and Tools at the Clarity Crystal Shop on as many items as you like

Value - Varies
Bonus #4:

How to Work with Dyed, Heat-Treated or Synthetically Altered Stones Mini Training
Value - $197
Bonus #5:

Lifetime Membership in our Graduates Only Private Social Media Community 
Value - Priceless!

~ total value  ~
over $4,341


2 installments of $297

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This resonates deep in my bones!

I've gotta go make more elixirs!

This was SO well done.

Seriously, This was so much more than I expected.
It was wonderful.

~ L. Greiner, Licensed Acupuncturist and Stone Medicine Practitioner

Looking at stones though this lens is most extraordinary!

There is an opening of my heart happening in an old, yet new, way.

I've deeply loved the stones for a while now, though it's been a long time coming for me to be with the water and stones in this new 'stepped-up' way. 

This was so heart-opening and enlivening.

The whole course spoke deeply to safety, allowing me to step forward to begin.

I'm so inspired to bring more ritual into my life.

~ N.P., Crystal Healer

your instructor


sarah thomas, lac

Founder and Lead instructor at Upper Clarity Stone Medicine

Sarah Thomas, MAc, LAc is a graduate of the first masters program in Acupuncture ever offered in the U.S. at the Tai Sophia Institute.

Sarah has owned Clarity Acupuncture in Asheville, North Carolina since 2009. She has performed over 10,000 stone/needle hybrid treatments and has been working with elixirs for over 15 years.

Sarah founded the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine in 2013, which guides acupuncturists, herbalists, other healers, and pure crystal-lovers through ancient practices within stone medicine. Her Daoist training is extensive and she teaches all over the U.S. at conferences and events. Sarah synthesizes multiple wisdom traditions with lived experience in order to share the vast potentials of healing and awakening with stones.


jessica sparks-mussulin

Teacher Assistant and Coordinator of Student Success

When Jessica's not rockhounding, she's taking care of stone medicine students. She'll help you with logistics and practical aspects of course success and completion. She's been studying stone medicine for a decade and has been with Upper Clarity for 8 years! She's an amazing T.A. and will help you gain success in the course



2 installments of $297

Enroll in Making Stone Elixirs & Formularies >>>
Or, click here to take care of it in one installment and save $47!

my promise to you:

Since 2013, we've been surrounded by happy students. That's the most important thing in the world to me.
My intention is for you to feel inspired and empowered after this training experience. Nothing short of that will do.
That's why I am offering you a full refund guarantee on your investment for 30 days.


If you take the training and don't feel like you received your investment's worth (and many times more), just send us an email and we will be happy to refund you in full. We will simply thank you for giving it a try.


You can enroll in this journey with absolutely zero risk and so very much to gain.


have questions about the course?

Here are a few answers to out most common questions.



2 installments of $297

Enroll in Making Stone Elixirs & Formularies >>>
Or, click here to take care of it in one installment and save $47!
Thank you so much for these incredible teachings.

I'm really appreciating your skill, wisdom, and experience, it's very grounding, and I'm beginning to feel a growing flame of purpose and direction that has too long been dormant.

~ F.F., Making Stone Elixirs & Formularies Student

So clear, so simple, so exciting!!! I can't wait to get making!

~ K.W., Making Stone Elixirs & Formularies Student


I'm really loving this so far!

I'm not even sure how this course came to me BUT I am obviously supposed to be immersed here. I’m so grateful for this!! It's activating so much already!

~ Making Stone Elixirs & Formularies Student

Upper Clarity educational environments are free of invisible boundaries.

This class is for everyone who is passionate about stones, healing and awakening.
No previous trainings or healing paths are required.
We're proud to offer space that is free of invisible boundaries throughout race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or age.
Welcome to all who are remembering.