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Opal Brings You Back

Opals have secrets stored within them which are meant to be decoded in times like these.

You can begin the online class as soon as you enroll or save it for a special day
Length: 50 minutes
Format: video lecture with crystal clear audio, video and informational slides
Future Use: You'll have this class to refer to for life

✓  Specific properties of many different types of opal
✓  The archetypal mythology of opal—you’ll never see it the same way again
✓  How opal takes us back to the origins of our patterns and programming
✓  How to work with opal to help heal the Earth
✓  Why opal is a key stone for empaths
✓  Why opal is a master key for soul-level healing
✓  Contraindications in healing with opal
✓  Highly powerful opal body placements including acupuncture points

PLUS get the Notes on Opals BONUS Guide!

This is the time to unlock the opal records because this is the time to consciously create a new cycle in your life.