the perfect crystal class for birthing a new beginning in your life

 A great cycle of time is rebirthing itself on Earth.

We all feel it.

Within this larger cycle, we are rebirthing a new year. We are waking up to our ability to create our own timelines.

There could not be a more vital time to remember to consciously create your life.

 Opals have secrets stored within them which are meant to be decoded in times like these.

Now is the time to unlock the opal records because...

this is the time to consciously create a new cycle in your life.
You may be experiencing more than just a new year.
There are simply times in your life when you stand to make a comeback.

Your true friends can see it, your soul begins to signal it, and you know deep down that this is the moment to take the first step.

Because personal resurrections are only possible after a period of darkness, you may be asked from within to take these first steps even if you're feeling doubt, weariness or fear.

In these moments, you need strength at your back.

You need an unshakeable ally that centers your focus on
that small point of light that is barely beginning to emerge from the tunnel of darkness.

Whether it's the conscious creation you need for a brand new year, or the light and hope you need to make that personal comeback in your life, Opals are the harbingers of new beginnings that change the world.

From this moment forward, you'll forever hold the knowledge stored within opals.

 You'll remember the timeless story of how 

Opal Brings You Back.

inside opal brings you back
you'll learn:

 ✓  Specific properties of many different types of opal

✓  The archetypal mythology of opal—you’ll never see it the same way again

✓  How opal takes us back to the origins of our patterns and programming

✓  How to work with opal to help heal the Earth

✓  Why opal is a key stone for empaths

✓  Why opal is a master key for soul-level healing

✓  Contraindications in healing with opal

✓  Highly powerful opal body placements including acupuncture points
Listening to Sarah's stone medicine talk felt like listening to my favorite childhood bedtime story.
It was like already knowing every word, every sentence, every chapter by heart....AND STILL hanging off the edge of my seat waiting for the next scene to unfold.

- anonymous

The biggest difference now is a deepening of my relationship with my stones.
They are no longer just pretty faces that I’m attracted to. Now they have personality with depth and I know how to apply them with purpose. Sarah opened a door to a whole new world!”

- Marion Bergan, Licensed Acupuncturist, Healer

You have deepened my love for healing work and helped me connect with my stones in a new way!

- M.W., Wyld Stone Medicine

class details

When: You can begin the online class as soon as you enroll or save it for a special day
Length: 50 minutes
Format: video lecture with crystal clear audio, video and informational slides
What else: Bonus digital guide! Notes on Opal!
Future Use: You'll have this class to refer to for life

this class is for you if:

(Read carefully).


✔️ You have an opal that was passed down as an heirloom or given to you as a special piece. You can fully discover what you’ve been given and why.


✔️ You're a healer, energy worker or acupuncturist and want to learn how to activate opal’s healing powers. You’ll leave this class feeling confident and clear. You’ll know exactly who needs opal healing—and when.


✔️ You know it’s time to birth a whole new beginning in your life. Opal can be your magic stone right now. Its powers can make your new beginning a powerful new reality.


✔️ You're pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant. Opal is your trusted ally in so many ways right now + you’ll learn a transformative opal ritual for pregnant mothers and their babies.


✔️ You're in need of a miracle and you know deep down that it’s possible. Opal will be your spiritual guide.

do not miss opal brings you back ...

➡️ If you simply love stones and crystals and you're ready for an inspirational download on opal.
 ➡️ If you’re a birth or death worker you’ll learn how opal is a transformational key.
➡️ When you need hope and light in order to resurrect in your own life.

plus, get this helpful new bonus:

Notes on Opals

A 13 page PDF guide book from Sarah's actual clinical notes, detailing 10 of the most powerful types of Opal you need to know, including:

  • Fire Opal
  • Hydrophane Opal
  • Boulder Opal
  • Precious Opal
  • AND Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and Black Opal!

These notes are meant to be easily digestible and give you a framework for the true mystery and power of opal.

Amazing knowledge, understanding and reverence. 

 -A.D. Songwriter and Healer

I feel like I've finally found a teacher who speaks to my heart and a community that supports who I am.

-K.M. Herbalist and Healer

My interest in energy, stones, and soul-healing is on fire once again.

- T.S. Acupuncturist and Energy Healer


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your instructor

sarah thomas, lac

Founder and Lead Instructor at Upper Clarity Stone Medicine

Sarah Thomas, MAc, LAc is a healer, acupuncturist, teacher, and a devout student of stones.

Sarah has owned Clarity Acupuncture in Asheville, North Carolina since 2009. She has performed over 10,000 stone/needle hybrid treatments and has been working with the magic of stones, crystals and qi for twenty years.

Sarah founded the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine in 2013, which guides acupuncturists, herbalists, healers, and pure crystal-lovers through ancient practices within stone medicine. Her Daoist training is extensive and she teaches all over the U.S. at conferences and events.

Sarah synthesizes multiple wisdom traditions with lived experience in order to share the vast potentials of healing and awakening with stones.

 I have already recommended this to so many friends. Too many!

 -G.C. Healer and Teacher

 I've been working with crystals for ten years now and I'm amazed at the sheer breadth and depth in these teachings." 

- M.K. Crystal and Energy Healer

I did not get this in school!
I feel like I now understand something I learned long long ago.

- E.H. Licensed Acupuncturist

your questions answered:


Regular Tuition $97



Save 30%
Upper Clarity educational environments are free of invisible boundaries.

This class is for everyone who is passionate about stones, healing and awakening.
No previous trainings or healing paths are required.
We're proud to offer space that is free of invisible boundaries throughout race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or age.
Welcome to all who are remembering.

Disclaimer: We can not guarantee that you will experience the same results as the students in the testimonials. Because this is a new offering, the testimonials on this page are from students of other classes at Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine.