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Let me be clear on a couple things right off the bat...

I know what it feels like to be faced with another healing class.

You're probably thinking this is just more information that you won't have time to integrate of apply.

Or, maybe you're already feeling overwhelmed with the incomplete (or even unopened!) modules in your last course.

Or, you're feeling frustrated that you've stayed with other classes, but at the end of the day, you never got the results you so hoped to deliver to your clients.

I also know what it's like to feel fatigued and frustrated from efforting change in my healing work.

You can't keep chasing symptoms - and trust me, there will be no end to them.
And, you can't let that bad feeling of delivering confused or unclear treatments become a regular thing.

Maybe worst of all, you can't let the people you love leave with mediocre results.

I know it's a challenge these days to find something that really matches and illuminates your own potential as a healer.

But, if you don't find a powerful system you'll be left burnt-out, uninspired and the people who come to you won't get the help they so deeply need.

And, you could even miss the chance to experience your fullest potential as a healer.

 (We can't let this happen) 

What if..

Among all of the gifts that you give, this is the gift that's meant for you.

What if you could learn a
complete ancient modality for healing the soul
by learning only 8 simple treatments?

What if you could do it with a (fun) expert teacher in only 8 days
(for less than a couple of hours per day)?

I'm serious. Imagine helping people make changes they've been yearning for for years, decades, or even lifetimes.

And, what if, just by learning this system, your own sould could contribute MORE?
(profoundly more)

A 12-module online training created to give you
a full training in a complete modality
for soul-level healing.


✓  Learn one complete ancient system
and become the healer in town who delivers the soul-deep transformations

✓ Merge stone medicine with your existing toolkit

and help people claim the gifts they've ached for...for years, decades or even lifetimes

✓  Watch your practice grow...

Start practicing this, and feel the JOY of deeper connect in your  healing relationships

✓  Earn 12 CEUs

from NCCAOM while you're at it!

When I found this course I had some big investments underway and felt a little stretched, but I knew from working with Sarah before just how valuable the work is.

I felt a strong pull to join the course and was blown away by the power of it.

To this day, the principles I learned have become a core part of not only my personal practice, but also in how I perceive healing in general.

It turned out to be an invaluable source of information and totally priceless.”

- Auset Pollon, Herbalist and Yoga Teacher

I've always been fascinated by the 8 extras but never felt like I had a good grasp on them.

I had taken CEU courses here and there, but I lacked an overview I could truly relate to.

This course was expansive enough to finally put the whole thing into context.

I finally got a visceral feel for each one!

I went through it twice and liked it even more the second time through.

This is a great course!”

- ML, Licensed Acupuncturist

What a gift.

I studied these meridians in grad school and I am so glad I still decided to take this course because finally I was taken on my own personal journey with this work.

Sarah's courses always surprise me.

Right after I take them, patients always show up who need exactly what I learned."

-Kristin Hill, Licensed Acupuncturist


Now, imagine having your own personal ancient text.

One sourced in your own heart and also touched by generations of medicine carriers who came before you.

Because it's a part of you, your text is alive. Chapters seem to disappear and then reappear.
Precious knowledge weaves throughout the pages like a supernatural dragon.
You know this sacred knowledge is a portal...
A visitor from a higher realm - maybe even another version of you -
enters through the words to light your heart with higher consciousness.

Now, imagine your sacred text contains the secrets to 8 ritual treatments.

The treatments are so infinite in their power that they relinquish the need for other systems.

In their wholeness, they move beyond them all 

and enter the depths of the soul.

This course is a true gem.

I learned how to pair stones with this soul-level work!

This was totally refreshing and new and it was filled with treatment pearls."

-Deana Gendron, Licensed Acupuncturist

This course was so clear and so easy to stay engaged.

Not only did it give me a more intimate relationship with a group of stones,

it took me on a profound journey of my own transformation

and gave me a roadmap to follow in moving through these potent times."

-Sonja Denelzen, Registered Acupuncturist

I have been using these 8 meridians for 22 years, but on a much more superficial level.

In this course, I finally learned their true potential and I


this and have already recommended this to so many friends. Too many!"

- Jenny Wood, LIcensed Acupuncturist

Here's a Peek at Your Future Knowledge.


Part 1. How Gaining an Eagle-Eye View on the 8 Extraordinaries Can Forever Change Your LIfe as a Healer 

Part 2. How to Light Your Crystal Candle to Illuminate the Ancient Records of the Soul

Part 3. The Life-Changing Power of Brightening Your Soul's North Star with Cinnabar and Apophyllite 
Part 4. The Secrets to Letting in the Love and How that Love Moves the World with Hematite and Pearl
Part 5. Stimulating Crystal Clear Knowing and Easeful Movement Forward with Diamond and Sunstone 
Part 6. Secrets to Knitting Happiness into your Future and Threading Light into Your Past with Morganite and Quartz.
Part 7. The Invaluable Lost Keys to Healing Your  Relationships in All Timelines with Meteorites and Moonstone
Part 8. How to Part the Clouds and Shower Gentleness and Kindness on Yourself with Chiastolite and Mica
Part 9. Feel the Glow of Gathering Your Power Back into Your Own Heart and Hands with Sapphire and Magnetite
Part 10. Now, Let it All Go and Welcome In What's Waited for You Beyond Your Wildest Dreams with Sulfur and Sphalerite
Part 11. The Practical Tools You Need to Put the Magic Into Action
Part 12. Flowing the Consciousness, Weaving the Grids, and all Things Wu

You know that awesome feeling...

of sharing something so clear and so simple 
that everything gracefully aligns and the vibes just flight high?

I know you know it!

You could offer that every single time
because your plans and your perspective will become MORE simplified and refined.

Contrary to what you may have been taught, there's actually nothing more clear and elegant than working with the soul.

And there's nothing else that helps people lift off in their lives like soul work. Nothing even close.


This course is extraordinary.

A fine presentation, meticulously planned and delivered,

on an extraordinary body of knowledge." 

-Tina Vecera, Licensed Acupuncturist

This course blew me wide open.

I did the treatments on myself, and it was as if the Universe shined a light onto my formerly-darkened path.

I was able to make major changes in my life with ease and presence."

- CC, Healer

I did not get this in school!

I actually feel like I understand something I learned long ago!

I started applying the treatments as soon as I started the class and I had profound results!

I have already told so many friends about this course!"

- E.H. Licensed Acupuncturist

Crystal healers, acupuncturists, energy healers, distance healers, naturopaths, craniosacral therapists, crystal grid workers, psychics and readers, coaches, NEW healers, medical Qi Gong practitioners, Reiki practitioners, bodyworkers
and ALL other souls of service...
at the dawn of this new age, these 8 treatments must come into the light!
Now is the time to open the pages.

Right now, ALL New Students Receive these

Extra Bonuses!

When you say "Yes" to your next level of skill,
all of this comes with it:


Bonus #1: LIVE Q&A and Bonus Class with Sarah Thomas, LAc

Let’s sit down for a live chat on Zoom. This is going to be more than a Q&A. It’s going to be a transformative class. We’re going to talk about distance healing with this modality, spoken word activations, and more. Once you dive into this material, and especially once you start applying it, you’re going to have questions and experiences to share. You’re going to want a chance to talk directly to your teacher. Our live Q&A sessions are some of the best experiences for students in their entire educational journey. There’s something about coming together with no set agenda but the open space to talk that just creates magic. We dive into some fascinating rabbit holes, dig into some crystalline mine shafts, and always come up with some clarity. Knowing me, I’ll bring some medicine to share that will surprise you, too. This one live gathering will be an important touch-point for you. We will schedule in the coming weeks to align perfectly to your new explorations. If you can't attend live, we will surely add this Q&A to your online content.


Bonus #2: A private 10% off coupon code for the Stones for the 8 Extraordinary Meridians Collection in our crystal shop

I can almost guarantee that you’re about to get passionate about amping up your kit of healing stones. You now have excellent connections when it comes to getting powerful stones. When you become a student at Upper Clarity, you become a V.I.P. at our little crystal shop in the mountains, too. We carefully curated a small rock shop for healers (for our students, specifically) because we want you to have a source for crystals that you can trust. Our shop is special because a healer with over 20 years of experience hand-picks every single mineral we carry. (That’s me, your instructor). Optimum chi potential is required. Plus, we also only carry natural crystals (nothing is synthetically treated in any way). To top it off, we seek ethical sources and care about mining practices and good people. When you enroll in this course, you receive a private 10% off coupon code for all crystals in our extensive Stones for the 8 Extraordinary Meridians Collection for 60 days. Your healing kit of stones is about to get so special!


Bonus #3: Mini Digital Book, “How to Build and 8-Pointed Star Crystal Grid for Soul Retrieval

This eBook illuminates a technique for building crystal grids that will add a layer to the treatments you’re creating. It’s a step by step guide to a simple holographic method for doing healing work with your stones from a distance. It will bring more power to the support you can give your clients. It's actually really cool. It's a way of moving your patients through this ancient soul work via a table-top crystal grid that will mirror your process together. You'll see that it's diagnostic, divinatory, and a pure channel into The Field of All Possibility. In the mini eBook, you’ll get instructions for setting up the grids, how to activate it with sound, and how to use yours to gain clarity about your client’s needs. You can tune right into these and they become helpful guides in your record reading. I’ve seen some of my students create very transformative offerings through this holographic work, and in some cases these works have become the cornerstone of their whole healing practice.


Bonus #4: Archive of Knowledge on the Stones for the 8 Extraordinary Meridians

Archives! We love archives because the stones themselves are archives. See how your first bonus is a live Q&A and class? Well, we’ve done this several times with the student body of soul healers in this course. Over the past couple of years, we’ve met live and had the most interesting and helpful question and answer conversations. We’ve dug deep into the properties of extra stones that are not highlighted in the course, such as dumortierite and charoite. We’ve had the most illuminating discussions about distance healing with these 8 treatments. Some very skilled healers have shared their processes and ideas with this work. When you enroll and become a student, you’ll see an archive of these live classes in your curriculum. Opening those classes is going to be like gem mining and I know you’ll come up with some pearls. Not only will you have access to all of them, you’ll be invited to join us for ALL future live gatherings we have with this group. It’s a think tank. With stones in it. And, you’re in.


Bonus #5: Supportive, Private, and Easy Online Community

This is simply a private Facebook group where you can send and receive messages, questions and photos with other students in the training. You can jump onto the page anytime you want, and ask your fellow stone friends anything: “Hey, has anyone used carnelian with this?” or “Where did Megan say she was getting those special magnetites from?”

And, you can show them what you’re up to: “Check out this grid I made from the distance lecture” (insert interesting photo). This way, you’ll know people’s names, have real connections and support, and it won’t be overwhelming. Feels better, right? This cool private group includes graduates from all of Upper Clarity’s in-depth trainings, so there are a lot of wizards in here, like you. The group couldn’t be more kind.

When the pandemic started, I began sending clients kits with essential oils and magnets.

After this course, I was able to start sending stones!

Now I'm delving in deeper with my more spiritual clients and they love it!

I've already signed up for your next course!"

-KM, Licensed Acupuncturist

This has helped my clients break through their inner blocks as well as shine light on the deeper nature of their life. For some, it opened the way for breakthrough dreams of revelation.

And, doing these treatments on myself has been one of the most profound progressions of my life. "

-Lyn Milum, Advanced Energy Practitioner and Massage Therapist

I loved this course! 

I found it fascinating, moving, beautiful and exciting.

Sarah's delicate and clear explanations have brought transmutation (with ease) to myself and my clients.

- Jemma Doak, Shiatsu and EFT Practitioner and life-long student of Daoist qi-gong and nei-gong

Let's recap what you get when you enroll in Stones For The 8 Extraordinary Meridians:


You'll get instant access to 12 modules of content
the videos, the audios, handouts - a COMPLETE ancient system for soul healing - and one that you'll have for the rest of your life
(value $6,000)




LIVE Q&A and Bonus Class with Sarah Thomas, LAc
All of your questions answered and valuable extra tips (value $297).


 A private 10% off coupon code for the Stones for the 8 Extraordinary Meridians Collection in our crystal shop It's the  best on Earth (value varies)

 Mini Digital Book, “How to Build and 8-Pointed Star Crystal Grid for Soul Retrieval. This PDF has some tremendous power and magic in it. And, it's fun! (value $67)

 Archive of Knowledge on the Stones for the 8 Extraordinary Meridians, as well as invitations to all future live gatherings for this program!  (value $2,250+)

Supportive, Private, and Easy Online Community in our graduates-only private social media group. This is a cool community of stone medicine people (value - Priceless!)
12 CEUs from the National Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)


over $8,614 in value

plus some priceless connections!

Open for enrollment only once a year + SAVE 30% thru February 8th!









Regular Tuition

Save 30% thru February 8th

Enroll for just 2 installments of $377!


Or, click here to take care of it in
one installment and save an extra $50!

I invested in this course and as I'm learning it,

I believe it will be one of the best, if not THE best investment I have made,

especially when it comes to soul work.

I have learned many modalities...this may be the one missing piece."

- CD, vibrational healer

This is mind-blowing.

It's taking me to the next level or healing. Not just for my patients, but for me, too.

The potentials for soul healing are enormous, sacred and humbling.

I am so grateful that my soul led me to find Sarah Thomas. I am so excited for this new chapter!

- AC, Long time healer

I did these treatments on myself.

They cracked strongly embedded self-protection/defenses in place since childhood

and initiated me into feelings never experienced in my adult life. Not easy!

A key component of deep and invaluable shadow work.

- Gail Hemphill Crutcher, retired teacher and wildcrafter

This promise makes this a



Since 2013, we've been surrounded by happy, inspired and effective students at The Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine.

We aim to keep it that way because it's the most important thing to us. This is why I've created a full guarantee (over a garnet) on this course. If you're unhappy with your enrollment for any reason simply email us within 30 days at [email protected] and we will quickly reply and refund your entire investment IN FULL.  Jessica, your TA, will be right on the other end ready to refund you and she will even thank you for giving us a try.

You can enroll in this journey with absolutely zero risk.


And... here's an extra promise because I want you to feel even better...

I believe in this work so much. I've seen it help so many people in ways that redefine their lives. So many of us know this work is rock-solid, but you won't until you try it.
That's why I want to make you the biggest promise I can make on any course.

I will offer you a full refund on this course for an entire year from your enrollment date.
All you have to do is show me you've done the work (I'll ask for something simple). I don't want you to feel rushed in doing the treatments and I know this works if you apply yourself and the teachings. So, yes, you heard me right. Jessica will be right there are [email protected] to return your investment in full for one whole year if you didn't get results.


You can enroll in this journey with zero risk and so very much to gain.

So, dear healer...

 You can seize this opportunity now and learn a complete system of healing at a fraction of the investment of other trainings.
Within days, you'll be gathering your magical stone kit and filling the pages of your sacred text.
Within weeks, you'll be hearing the extraordinary reports back from wide-eyed clients.
Most importantly, you'll be seeing that new light in their eyes,
that gratitude and appreciation.
The feedrom of transformation.



You can let this pass you by and start searching for another program
within seas of new-agey crystal classes or
Chinese medicine classes without the soul (boring).


Or, go back to school and spend thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) to learn a complete ancient modality. Even there, you'll likely find teachers who don't understand this work (I hear this all the time).


But, while you're searching for it, everyone you come into contact with will miss an opportunity to experience a treatment that could have actually changed their life. And, letting that happen even one time is missing a chance to help someone that they might never get back.


What's your choice, dear healer?


Choose today because this enrollment opportunity closes soon.


Open for enrollment only once a year + SAVE 30% thru February 8th!









Regular Tuition

Save 30% thru February 8th

Enroll for just 2 installments of $377!


Or, click here to take care of it in
one installment and save an extra $50!

Why I'm offering this entire training for a fraction of its value:

My students, friends and colleagues all know that I assign enormous value to these ancient teachings. They've been passed down orally, then distilled and enlivened by members of this lineage - and brilliant contributors to it - in the form of modern-day practicing passionate healers. I never share these teaching on social media, on a blog, nowhere besides a sacred training like this. And, to take any other full training with me, you'll bring many times more the value to the medicine. 

I'm offering this full training now at a fraction of other trainings because this is the time to put this work into the hands of soul healers like you! People are facing soul-level challenges NOW. A simple system like this can no longer remain in the unlit rooms of the crystal cave. 

This is the time and you can do this. 

In ancient Chinese healing texts, it says that the highest level of healing is aligning one's heart to their soul's purpose.

Inside, I knew that this was what my soul was here to do, but I didn't think I could ever possibly get there.

...until this course. 

As soon as I enrolled everything began to shift!

Now, my patients are having life-changing experiences. In the treatment room and in their lives. 

Saying yes to this course aligned me to my own soul purpose.

I even started attracting patience who were ready for this level of work. I'm having my own deep personal healing as well.

I am so grateful for Sarah's clear, authentic, heartfelt transmission of this ancient wisdom."

- Lori Pusateri, Licensed Acupuncturist

Your Instructor

Sarah Thomas, LAc

Founder and Lead instructor at Upper Clarity Stone Medicine

Sarah Thomas, MAc, LAc is a graduate of the first masters program in Acupuncture ever offered in the US, Tai Sophia Institute (now Maryland University of Integrative Health).

Sarah has owned Clarity Acupuncture in Asheville, North Carolina since 2009. She has performed over 10,000 stone/needle hybrid treatments and has been working with these protocols for twenty years.

Sarah founded the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine in 2013, which guides acupuncturists, herbalists, healers, and pure crystal-lovers through ancient practices within stone medicine. Her Daoist training is extensive and she teaches all over the U.S. at conferences and events. Sarah synthesizes multiple wisdom traditions with lived experience in order to share the vast potentials of healing and awakening with stones.

Jessica Sparks-Mussulin

Teacher Assistant and Coordinator of Student Success

When Jessica's not rockhounding, she's taking care of stone medicine students. She'll help you with logistics and practical aspects of course success and completion. She's been studying stone medicine for a decade and has been with Upper Clarity for 8 years! She's an amazing T.A. and will always be there for easy and fast communication in your learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Open for enrollment only once a year + SAVE 30% thru February 8th!









Regular Tuition

Save 30% thru February 8th

Enroll for just 2 installments of $377!


Or, click here to take care of it in
one installment and save an extra $50!

"Took me on a PROFOUND JOURNEY of my own transformation." - LM

"As soon as I enrolled, EVERYTHING BEGAN TO SHIFT." - LP

"I felt a strong pull to learn this and was then BLOWN AWAY by the power of it." - AP

"An invaluable source of information and TOTALLY PRICELESS." - AP

"My patients are having LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCES in the treatment room and in their lives." - DH

"I studied this in school but it was only after this course that EVERYTHING CAME TOGETHER FOR ME." - CC

"Pairing Stones with Soul-Level Healing! TOTALLY REFRESHING AND NEW." - DG


"Extraordinary. A fine presentation meticulously planned and delivered on AN EXTRAORDINARY BODY OF KNOWLEDGE." - TV

"I started applying the treatments as soon as I started the class and I HAD PROFOUND RESULTS." - EH

"So clear and so easy to stay engaged. This gave me a MORE INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP with a group of stones." - SD

"I learned this in school but this course FINALLY TOOK ME ON MY OWN PERSONAL JOURNEY with this Soul-Level work." - KH

"I've been working with these 8 meridians for 22 years and in this course I FINALLY LEARNED THEIR TRUE POTENTIAL." - JW



"FASCINATING, moving, beautiful, delicate and clear." - JH

"Doing these treatments on myself has been one of the MOST PROFOUND PROGRESSIONS OF MY LIFE." - LM

"TRANSMUTATION with ease. For myself and my clients." - SI

"I believe this is one of the best, if not THE BEST INVESTMENTS I HAVE MADE, especially when it comes to Soul Work."

"I have learned many modalities. This may be THE MISSING PIECE." - RO

"INITIATED ME into experiences I've never felt in my adult life." - GC

“I feel so blessed to have found this course. I have learned so much about myself and feel I’ve glimpsed the keys to healing my heart.” - SW

"Took me on a PROFOUND JOURNEY of my own transformation." - LM

Open for enrollment only once a year + SAVE 30% thru February 8th!









Regular Tuition

Save 30% thru February 8th

Enroll for just 2 installments of $377!


Or, click here to take care of it in
one installment and save an extra $50!