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Welcome To

Temple of Stone only takes place once a year.

The enrollment period is 7 days only. You're right on time.

See through the eyes of an ancient tradition of stone medicine and embody a personal shift in consciousness. 

Your experience culminates in a sacred process of becoming a Certified Stone and Crystal Medicine Practitioner.

Allow me to blow the mountain mist from the doors
of the Temple so you can see them clearly. 

In this online world, it's easy to walk right past the real Mystery School doors.

Look up from the busy and noisy streets.

A training like this could look like another crystal class or yet another online course.

(poof to that mountain mist! could not be further from that).

Or, maybe you're thinking this is just another invitation to get lost in a mountain of information and to-do lists.

Really, look up.

All of our ancestors from every tradition, and especially the ones who sought to awaken others, have worked with stones.

True relationship with the Earth is so important and the stones have such a special role.

But, here in the modern world, stone and crystal education has been highly inadequate.

You know that. You've moved beyond opening channeled books to see what stones 'do'.

You passionately desire to walk with the medicine - to learn ancient protocols, to experience real relationship - to know from within.

In a world of growing illusion, if you don't find a guide; if you don't apprentice with someone who can light the path, you could miss this opportunity to accelerate your awakening. You could miss the chance to receive the light that the stones have prepared specifically for you.

Do not miss that chance.

You now have a rare opportunity to take a full training in stone medicine from a true Mystery School.

Your guide has appeared, the temple doors are opening, the ancient teachers are gathering, and your stone allies are standing by your side.

Temple of Stone is preparing to raise you to your next level of awakening.
You see, the stone and crystal kingdom was always meant to bridge Heaven and Earth.

Awakened ones throughout history have built temples high in the mountains, stone pyramids rising over the jungles, and mounds of quartz reaching to the stars.

Stones bridge us to the higher worlds.

They raise our level of consciousness.

They receive the Light and give the incoming frequencies a place to land.

Are you starting to see the temple more clearly now?

If you know you're here to bridge these worlds, the stones and crystals are your allies on the path.

Temple of Stone is your opportunity to claim your destiny as a carrier of stone medicine and to carry these protocols forward - not only for healing, for awakening.

A life-changing experience.

Sarah was a mesmerizing guide and wonderful teacher showing the way toward the powerful healing connection I learned to have with stones and crystals.”

~ Pricilla Coblentz, Seeker and Singer

As an energy healer, Sarah has showed me how to use stones to amplify the energy during my sessions.

Her knowledge of Daoist stone medicine is extraordinary.”

~ Carmina Alvarez-Gaffin, Energy Healer

I walked into Temple of Stone, then emerged with broad wings of how to be of better service.

Progress on the path of awakening is my reward for participating in the course, so much so, that I will take TOS again.”

~ Twelve Temples

A rare opportunity to enroll in one of the most transformational stone medicine trainings on earth. 


This live, online certification training was designed to share the wisdom of 27 stones according to Daoist texts and beyond while guiding you through a ceremonial progression of personal awakening. 

Inside The Temple, You Will...

Study from centuries-old masters and teachers - the largest body of stone knowledge from any ancient culture - and watch yourself transform into one of the most well-trained stone healers on Earth.

Enter the ceremony of the 9-week progression and experience a personal shift that leads to true embodiment of this path. Now you can walk with more congruence and carry an integrated wisdom of the stones.

Watch your world transform as you weave the poetry of the stones into your healing, rituals, Earthwork, medicines, and your sacred everyday life. Witness your contribution to the world transform!

Grab 30 CEUs from NCCAOM while you’re at it! (National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Board in the U.S.)

Crystal healers, acupuncturists, energy healers, distance healers, naturopaths, craniosacral therapists, crystal grid workers, psychics and readers, coaches, NEW healers, medical Qi Gong practitioners, Reiki practitioners, bodyworkers and ALL other souls of service


the medicine chooses you.

If the stones and crystals are calling,

here is your moment to listen.

Imagine having tools like these:

Ancient Rituals Based in 3 Applications of Stone Medicine:

  • elixirs (formulas and medicines)
  • poultices (jewelry, salves, sprays and more)
  • vibrational work (grids and more)

Inner Alchemy Processes that will Become Doorways to Mystical Information for a Lifetime:

  • The 3-Centers Exchange
  • Internal Alchemy Meditation
  • The Dissolving Practice

Ancient Healing Protocols:

  • the 13 Ghost Points
  • the Talisman of the Heart
  • the Gates of Buddha
  • the Magic Circle
  • the 3 Treasures
  • and many more

Experience and embodiment of a ceremonial progression designed long ago to alchemize your consciousness

Pages of treasured notes on powerhouse stones like amethyst, charoite, apophyllite and so many more

Imagine weaving all this into your contribution to the world right now!

I have noticed my heart is more open. I'm more compassionate and understanding of things I didn’t seem to be before.

I love the stone treatments and can see how they work so quickly on several of my clients.”

~ Teresa Sutton Sherrill, LMT/Reiki practitioner

Thank you for creating a course that welcomes newcomers as well as seasoned Stone Spirit people.

The connection that was formed in the class was palpable. I feel much of my own opening came from the union with the stones.”

~ Laurel Davis DVM, Sunvet Animal Wellness Clinic

This is truly the most magical training.

I've taken other crystal courses, and I learned things, and perhaps they were preparatory, but no comparison to the value of this training.” 

~ Julene Passmore, Integrative Skincare and Sound

The Profound Step-by-Step, Expert-Designed System to Become Certified in Stone & Crystal Medicine

The Format of Your Training

Temple of Stone is a 9-Week LIVE Online Training Program

Every Tuesday you'll sit down for a 75 minute live online lecture with Sarah and your fellow stone medicine students.

In the live lecture, inspiring stories of stone medicine awakenings and revelations from many traditions will be shared. You'll also learn about the ceremonial process for your week ahead, how to open that process with the stones, and take part in a weekly divination.

On Wednesdays we'll open the vast archives of the stones with live materia medica classes and Q&A with Sarah.

And you'll get access to two recorded materia medica classes you can watch on your own time.

You only have to focus on only 3 stones per week 2 recorded + 1 live per week.

Everything is uploaded into the Temple of Stone Portal. You can enjoy any class at any time of the week if you can't attend live.

Your training bridges the best of many worlds. You'll experience:

1. The magic of live lectures

2. The space and self-pacing of recorded lectures

3. Archives of all of it - to return to for life

Temple of Stone begins on March 26th.

By the end of 9-weeks, you'll have full knowledge of a 27-Stone Materia Medica. The potential for healing and helping others is limitless.

Everything comes together to give you these practical tools of service:

The Elixir Application:
Stone Medicine we place IN the Body

You'll learn what the word elixir really means, how to make potent stone elixirs, how to make effective formularies, how to dose, important safety instructions, how to make ceremonial elixirs, how to merge elixirs with other Earth medicines, and more.

 The Poultice Application:
Stone Medicine we place ON the Body

You'll learn how to work with jewelry, rubs, salves, the creation of on-the-body treatments, crystal healing and more.



 The Vibrational Application:
Stone Medicine we place AROUND the Body

You'll learn the dynamics of table-top crystal grids, the potential of large land grids, raising the vibration of space, working with stones as spectrum-based beings, internal alchemy, journey techniques, and more.


I learned treatment protocols I had seen in visions, but never encountered a class where they were named. I can not recommend this course enough.

It is a true lineage class, brought forth with no attachment to perform, compete, or to overwhelm the senses.

What was most valuable, was the gentle reminder that each week’s process of learning was at our own pace - as simple as that was, it was also such permission for me to feel rather than compete with my own self to 'finish' - and then I had so much more heart space. I sought out Sarah Thomas specifically to learn from.

This journey changed me and the people around me."

~ Arabella Kauffmann, Indigo Acupuncture

Being in Temple of Stone delivered all I might hope for, and what’s so much more, is that I received what I did not even know I needed.

And that is profound. Those things are life-changing.

One thing (and there's many) I love most about Sarah is she teaches us to access our own learnings from the stones and empowers us through the transformative medicine of the stones to trust ourselves.

She empowers us to know the wisdom of our own hearts. To take that empowerment into the learned practices and into our relationships with the stones, others, nature, work, and myself, is true medicine.

If you feel any calling to stones you've just aligned yourself in the highest direction out there.”

~ Rebecca Steele, Classical Acupuncture

Introducing the Full Materia Medica for Temple of Stone:

The teachings in the Temple almost defy words.

This is a profound study that appealed to the science and the spirit within me in an astounding way.

It enhanced my practice, medicine, and life at all levels.

It transformed things around me and offered a gateway into new facets of being.

It helped me answer personal questions and added a lot of insight into my life.”

~ Jonathan Gaffin, Energy-worker and tracker for sacred pipe ceremony

 Temple of Stone was like the key I was looking for to unlock my Soul's Potential.

I felt such a deep calling from stone medicine and Temple of Stone I learned to engage with it in ways that I never knew existed.

I felt so supported on this journey from Sarah, the Stones, and my fellow classmates in such a strong way. I have no doubt that this helped bring messages of Love and Illumination to me that were revealed both in waking and in dream time to support such a beautiful shift into Light!"

~ Ravina Shive, Rooted Avalonian Soul

Much more than a class on stones, it’s a journey. The wisdom is deep, the teachings are unique and impactful.

I loved it.

I appreciate every bit of Sarah’s personal experience that she opened up to share and teach from.

This was such a multilayered experience about what it means to be alive; what consciousness is, and the brilliant, multifaceted and fantastical ways that it moves through creation. 

I have new eyes from which to see.”

~ Jessica Seacrest, Licensed Acupuncturist 

A Glimpse at the Weekly Ceremonial Progression:

Week 1: Burn The Past

with Turquoise, Calcite and Jet

Week 2: Talisman of the Heart

with Carnelian, Amber and Shungite

Week 3: The True Pearl

with with Pearl, Sodalite, and Chiastolite

Week 4: Listen to the Silence

with Iolite, Pyrite, Rutilated and Lithium Quartz


Week 5: Illumination
with Amethyst, Apophyllite and Celestite


Week 6: Entraining the Elixir
with Selenite, Blue Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli


Week 7: Shapeshifter
with Amazonite, Larimar and Meteorites


Week 8: The Hidden Elixir
with Charoite, Fluorite and Magnetite


Week 9: Oneness
with Gold, Indigo Gabbro and Peridot

This ceremonial progression we moved through in this course helped my soul like nothing I have experienced before.

The way Sarah teaches is so full of passion and deep spiritual knowledge and it gave me something well beyond what I was expecting. I also now have invaluable insights and information about stones and minerals to help my health, to help others, and the earth.

We so desperately need to connect in to ourselves, and to the earth, and this course does all of that and more.”

~ Kate R., Healer and Stonalist

This class was worlds beyond ANY course on ANY subject that I have ever taken.

Hands down - the best.

Far better information, basis of information, and delivery.

Honoring of each individual to tune in and find one's OWN relationship with the stones and the information itself!

Most courses touch on one or two of those - but this had it all and more.”

~ Carol Crestetto
PhD, Energy Healing Researcher and Grandmother

I’ve had a love of stones since I was very young.  While I’ve always liked them, all of the other courses I’ve taken always fell short. I was bored and disconnected.

I wanted relationship and depth. It’s exactly what I found.

Of ANY online class I’ve taken, this was by far the best. It restored my faith in teaching, online classes, and most importantly, myself. I’m grateful in so many ways.”

~ Leah Boyer, Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Stone-Loving Mom

Here's my promise to you:

You can immerse yourself at zero risk.

Watching students grow for so many years, I've learned this:

To get the most out of a transformational training like this, you need an investment and an immersion.

You have to take a plunge. To make it even easier for you to jump, I've created a full refund guarantee on this training.

If you're unhappy with your enrollment for any reason simply email us by March 27th. This is the day after our first live class.

You can enroll now, let the pot begin to stir, come to our first live lecture, and still receive a full refund if needed.

When we begin our first class, the reason you're really here deepens and becomes activated, so we do have to seal the cave door after that evening.

If you decide you need to go, Jessica, your course assistant, will be right there. She will immediately refund your entire investment in full. We will also thank you for giving it a try. We are right on the other side of this email address: [email protected].

You can enroll in this journey with absolutely zero risk.

Temple of Stone is a bright shining light in the darkness.

I have had so many profound healings and awakenings during this course that it's hard to put into words.

Sarah is an incredible teacher and guided me through profound ways of working with the stones that I have not found anywhere else. I also loved the weaving of many traditions. It's also been an incredible way for me to connect with like-minded ‘stonalists’ nearby and around the world."

~ Sally Walker, Emerald Dragonfly Apothecary

If I could give this course 5000 stars I would.

And Sarah would get at least that many.

She is the perfect guide to explore this information due to her deep love and sincerity for the subject and her role in being a guide to explore this area.

I have had a strong interest in stones for some time but except for reading a few books I had never had any sort of grounded guidance.

The course was well worth the journey.”

~ Drew Greenland, Healer and Stonalist

I’ve collected stones since I was two years old.

But, not until these courses have I had any structure for learning about them or using them therapeutically.

My practice is gently transitioning to include stone medicine. So far, one morning a week. What I’m learning about stones from these courses is so exciting! 

And the results are unbelievably powerful and wonderful!”

~ Bill Harvey, Certified Advanced Rolfer, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Instructor


You get so many bonuses when you enroll!

When you enter the Temple, all of these treasures are yours:

Bonus #1

10% off the entire Temple of Stone Collection at the Clarity Crystal Shop

This is a gift to all new Temple of Stone students from all of our staff at The Clarity Crystal Shop. About two years ago, we created this shop for our students. The intention behind it is that students always have easy access to the most powerful and medicinal stones in the world- the stones I use in my own work. It's hard to put a value on the Siberian azurite, rainbow obsidian or Hurricane Mountain mica we collected for your journey ahead. But, listen carefully: These stones are optional. You don't have to purchase any. You can purchase from anywhere else you like. They are not included in your tuition because it's all your choice and different students want different things. The stones we have prepared for you in the Temple of Stone Collection are carefully curated to match you and elevate you in this course process. They will keep you sharp in your tools while you're getting sharper in your studies. This is not a one-shopping-cart situation here. You have 10% off for the whole course, on over 4,700 stones, anytime you enter the shop. When you enroll, you’ll receive a guide on how to accurately gather what you need for the course. We do have limited supplies because we carry some of the best and most rare healing stones on Earth.

Bonus #2

Supportive, Private, and Helpful Online Community

This is simply a connective portal where you can send and receive messages, questions and photos with other students in the training. You won't have to scroll through tons of posts or get dinged constantly with notifications building up. You can jump onto the page anytime you want, and ask your fellow stone friends anything: "Hey, when is that special live lecture this week?" or "Where did Sally say she was getting those special rose quartz from?

And, you can show them what you’re up to: "Check out this grid I made in my yard!" (insert your interesting photo). This way, you’ll know people’s names, have real connections and support, and it won’t be overwhelming. Feels better, right? And, once you graduate, we'll move you to a graduates only private group where the connection can continue as long as you like. The student support you receive in this training is excellent, but there’s nothing like the support of all the kindred souls in the temple.

Bonus #3

The Ancient Medicinal Quartz Guide PDF

Quartz is so foundational to the stone and crystal healer. If we were bakers, quartz would be flour. It’s in almost every recipe you’ll create. Not only because 90% of the Earth is made up of silicates, but also because quartz is the greatest harmonizer in the mineral kingdom. It’s very commonly added to stone formulas and combinations in elixirs, body layouts and gridwork. This PDF guide will get many intriguing and helpful stone medicine facts about quartz into your notebook right when you begin the course. You’ll see formula writing tips, common quartz combinations, useful data on all of the quartz types (smoky, ametrine, etc.), clear and recharge methods, and communication techniques with quartz. I very rarely share a reference guide like this because the act of taking your own notes is an alchemical process. It awakens stored memory inside of you. However, for new Temple of Stone students, I’m going to share this reference guide, because it fits perfectly with where you’re headed.

Bonus #4

Becoming a Healer: Live Special Topic Class 

Towards the end, when you’re right on the brink of becoming a certified stone medicine and crystal healing practitioner, you’ll start to (excitedly) ponder the practical steps ahead. In Becoming a Healer, we’ll sit down together in our casual Friday attire and answer some of the most important questions on your radar. You’ll learn what to call yourself, how to practice safely and ethically, how to create forms, how to speak about your work, and some practice building tips. Experienced practitioners from many modalities will guide the less experienced. The best part of the class is our exploration of healing itself. I’ll share the most clarifying and revealing questions I ask my patients, several ways to incorporate stones and apothecaries into your practice, and most importantly… what really makes people heal. Everything comes together.

Bonus #5

Stone Medicine Fundamentals: Live Special Topic Class

Okay, boring title for a lecture, but it’s camouflage for some mind-blowing information. Once you see the stones from this perspective, you can never unsee it!  This is a walk-through of ancient Daoist Stone Medicine, starting way back at the beginning. So many lightbulbs will turn on as we explore elixirs, historical stories, classifications (like color, temperature and crystal system), and so much more. I only share this lecture with serious students and we’ll go through it together live. This will be an extremely eye-opening evening. It happens very early in the course and it sets the stage for every single revelation that follows. Have you heard of the Primordial Sovereign of the Purple Void? Well, you’ll know her after this.

Bonus #6

How to Radically Amplify Your Sacred Space with Crystals Masterclass Recording and the 5-Step Protocol to Raise the Vibration of Space with Internal Alchemy

The recording to our opening Masterclass for Temple of Stone this year expires on Thursday, March 21st. We can’t keep it up forever. But, when you enroll in Temple of Stone, we will add it to your online curriculum and you’ll always have it there, for life. In addition, the 5-Step Protocol to Raise the Vibration of Space with Internal Alchemy digital book was a gift for live Masterclass attendees only. In case you had to miss the Masterclass, when you become a student in Temple of Stone, we will share that with you, too.

Bonus #7


Each year we offer two, one-of-a-kind masterclasses for our community - one in the spring and one in the fall. Past Masterclasses have included:

> Stones For The Heart
> Holographic Maps & Distance Healing
> The ABCs of Record Keeper Crystals

And many more!

These are offered LIVE and are available for purchase for $220.

This remains the best course out there and Sarah is the best teacher.

It reaches everyone no matter how experienced or beginner.

The practices are at the the core to me but the content knowledge is masters level!"

~ Lynn Hastler,
Temple of Stone Graduate


This course has been one of the most unique and transformative journeys I have taken thus far.

Sarah has combined her vast knowledge and perspectives in such a beautiful way as to provide the space for deep inner transformation within me.

I highly highly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to form a deeper relationship with the stones and within themselves. Sarah is truly Divinely inspired and inspires me to find the same.”

~ Michelle Kavieff, Yoga Teacher, Master Reiki

This material.

It’s cosmic, it’s terrestrial, and it's very accessible.

The way these teachings are conveyed is so full of reverence it’s palpable. Sarah is truly a steward of this ancient wisdom.

I’m blessed to have been Divinely led here! Thank you, Temple of Stone!”

~ Rupali Kristi Mulford, Healer and Acupuncturist

OK, Let's recap.

When you enroll in Temple of Stone you receive:

> Over 18 inspiring live classes

> Over 18 take-at-your-own pace stone medicine classes

> A full training in a 27-stone materia medica

> All of the rituals

> All of the protocols

> The accompanying PDFs

> The video and audio replays for life

> A COMPLETE personal transformation through an ancient ceremonial progression -and you become one of the most knowledgeable certified stone medicine practitioners on Earth.

Over $20,000 in Value




FREE Access to our Spring Masterclass ($220 value)

10% off ALL Temple of Stone stones in our crystal shop for over 9 weeks (value varies)
We gathered this stunning collection specifically for this new 2024 class.

Becoming a Healer ($575 value)
A live class with Sarah just as you're about to graduate- all about the practical and spiritual path ahead as a certified practitioner

Stone Medicine Fundamentals ($575 value)
A live training for certification students only that opens your eyes to the heart and foundation of these ancient practices

The Ancient Medicinal Quartz Guide ($67 Value)
This booklet for certification students only illuminates the powers of quartz

How to Radically Amplify Your Sacred Space with Crystals Masterclass Recording
and the 5-Step Protocol to Raise the Vibration of Space with Internal Alchemy
($220 value)
The replay of this masterclass and the digital booklet with the 5-step protocol to keep for life.

Private Community Group for this Training (priceless!)
You can pop into Mighty Networks and connect with your new classmates from around the world. In an easy, non-obtrusive format, you'll be able to ask questions, be inspired, share your experiences, and feel connection.

30 Continuing Education Credits from NCCAOM
Your PE-CW credits are fulfilled through Stone Medicine! NCCAOM is the National Commission Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Personal Document of Stone Medicine Certification
When you graduate, you'll receive a wall certificate of your new credentials for your home or office.

Over $21,657 in Value!

(plus some priceless connections!)

Last Chance to Enroll! Program Begins March 26th!









Sarah and the stones created such an inviting, non-judgemental space.  

I really felt encouraged to open to what I am being called to do. 

I am creating medicine and feel I can work with the stones to help me do this.” 

~ S.L. Life-long Stone Lover

The tuition does not even begin to cover for what I have received from this course.

This course is not just another stone or crystal course. It has healed my soul and spirit.

I would have spent more on other courses that do not compare."

~ Josie Beug, DVM, Dr. Josie's 5-Element Animal Wellness

This was a life-changing experience at the deepest levels of my soul.

Not only in the 9-weeks in the Temple, but also the seeds planted there will continue to grow throughout my life.”

~ Anonymous, Temple of Stone Graduate

It's time to choose from your heart.

You can give yourself the gift of an extraordinary experience.

Right now, you can enroll now and learn something that was always meant to awaken your heart.

You can choose to use this knowledge to help others wake up, too.

You'll also be smart...taking a training that's not just floating in the wind, but backed by centuries of ancient lineage and master teachers.

You'll be growing in yourself and growing in service.

Most importantly, you'll be answering the call from within.

Only goodness comes from that.


You can let the mind reign. You can let doubts and fears take over, and let this pass you by.

You'll have to keep your eye out for other trainings, but none of them will offer you what's waiting for you here.

In the meantime, you would miss so many chances to learn, grow, connect, listen and serve. You would miss synchronicities, and the river of medicine that's flowing for you right now.

These things can never be recreated. And the world doesn't have much time to wait for the next evolution of you.

What's your choice, dear friend?
Listen from within and follow the guidance, because the doorway to the temple will close soon.

Your Instructor

Sarah Thomas, LAc

Founder and Lead Instructor at Upper Clarity Stone Medicine

Sarah Thomas, BS, MAc, LA, NCCAOM Dipl. is a healer, acupuncturist and educator with over fifteen years of clinical and academic experience with Daoist stone medicine.

Sarah owns Clarity Acupuncture in Asheville, NC, where she has performed over 10,000 acupuncture and crystal hybrid treatments, and offered countless soul-touching stone placements, formulas, and ritual prescriptions with stones.

Sarah developed North Carolina's first Studies in Mineral Healing Program at the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism, teaches yearly at Earth Medicine conferences across the U.S., and certifies "stonalists" across the world in thriving online certifications programs rooted in an ancient Daoist tradition. Sarah is absolutely devoted to ongoing studies with master teachers from multiple traditions. If there was such a thing as a doctorate in Stone Medicine, Sarah would have 3 of them! (we'll get there).

Sarah's own Dao is to resurrect the vast knowledge and uncharted potentials of healing and awakening with stones. Sarah founded the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine so people just like you can experience a giant evolutionary leap in healing and awakening with stones. And then, lead the way forward.

Your student support:
Jessica Sparks-Mussulin

Teacher Assistant and Coordinator of Student Success

Jessica is that right-hand person we all need. (Here she is rockhounding). She's our glue, our spreadsheet master, our master of the technical and the practical. She's a long-time stone medicine practitioner, a long-time educator, manager of our crystal shop, and your assistant in your certification training. She is lightning fast, kind, an expert in stones, and in everything we offer including Temple of Stone. She will help you in all the ways she can. She's our rock. Email her with any questions or concerns, starting now if you need to! She's at [email protected].

Last Chance to Enroll! Program Begins March 26th!









"I feel as if this is one the best investments I have ever made for myself." - P.F.

"My clients are already noticing a difference. Thank you." - T.S.

"I gained confidence in my intuition. I learned to trust myself more.”  - I.A.

"Sarah's depth of knowledge was inspiring. I learned so much during this course." - S.M.

"This remains the best course out there and Sarah is the best teacher." - L.H.

"The Temple of Stone course was by far the most informative and in-depth teaching on stones that I have ever participated in." - K.K.

"Honestly, there truly are no words to convey what this course has done for my life and in turn for those around me." - P.F.

"I enjoy and appreciate everything you and your staff produce. The inclusion into the community is my favorite part." - M.C.

"I LOVE Sarah! She is so wise and funny and kind." - A.K.

"Sarah's grounding in ancient wisdom and the uses of stones in Chinese medicine make this training outstanding." - Anon

"I went from terrified and rigid to more open and more self forgiving. I reopened my heart to the Divine Mother and found my faith again in the practices and stones." - L.C.

"The wisdom that was imparted through Sarah is immeasurable. I guess for me it all felt like home. As if I had a re-membering of having known this medicine before." - P.F.

"I’m grateful that I said yes to this sacred space and this teaching." - G.N.

"This course has extraordinary balance. I always come away with something new." - D.W.

"This was excellent value for the money spent. I feel very satisfied that is was a complete education in these stones." - K.K.

"I was expecting a “course” of study (which I received) but did not expect to be also taken through 9 weeks of self exploration and healing." - M.

"You really cannot put a price on the knowledge that is imparted in this training." - H.A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last Chance to Enroll! Program Begins March 26th!









Upper Clarity educational environments are free of invisible boundaries.

This class is for everyone who is passionate about stones, healing and awakening.
No previous trainings or healing paths are required.
We're proud to offer space that is free of invisible boundaries throughout race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or age.
Welcome to all who are remembering.


©2024 Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine and Sarah Thomas, LAc