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Open Taoist Doorway Into the Wu With Stones & Crystals

Our next free class is all about healing the nervous system with stones.

It’s really good. You’ll learn:

  • My top 5 stones for healing the nervous system (out of 5,500 known minerals!)
  • Stone adaptogens for the NS
  • Stone nervines for the NS
  • Stone topical treatment for the NS (and when to do it)
  • Stone jewelry for the NS
  • An entire chakra layout for the nervous system with the perfect stone for each chakra
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Discover the Clarity Crystal Shop, where every stone is hand-selected by Sarah, a seasoned healer with 15 years of experience.

Our ethically sourced, treatment-free inventory ensures safe and potent stones for your healing work.

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Explore the ancient power of stone medicine and crystal healing, debunking myths and uncovering millennia-old practices. 

If you seek guidance about ancient methods for the application of stones and crystals, you are in the right place.

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Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine offers ancient and sacred knowledge on stones and crystals.

Like a crystal revealing new facets in the light, many Masters have enriched this body of wisdom with their unique insights. Learn more

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Welcome to the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine

This is a school with ancient and sacred information on stones and crystals.

Like a crystal held up to the light and turned facet by facet, many Masters have encoded this body of knowledge with their own unique discoveries.


Originally materialized by the Wu of ancient China and then carried forward by Master teachers throughout time, the great legacy of stone medicine is still alive today. The Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine is an invitation for you to enter this flow, bringing your unique consciousness to this evolving wisdom.

Since 2009, The Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine and hundreds of students from around the world have absorbed the living teachings, imprinted them with their own unique revelations, and continue to carry them forward, ushering in a new age of crystal consciousness.

The students of this school are ushering in a new wave of crystal consciousness. We are acupuncturists, herbalists, ceremonialists, healers, energy workers. We are Earth-workers, Seers, shaman, and everyday household stone lovers. All others who honor the Earth are invited to meet these teachings and the enduring spirit that carries them through time.

Joining the flow is as easy as tuning into the learning experience that feels right for you and getting started. Welcome.


The Crystal Clarity Podcast

Featured listening from the Podcast

We've made it to the Summer Solstice - June 20th, 2024. 🌞 This is also coinciding with a full moon on June 21st, a rare occurrence that happens only once every 18-20 years where the moon will appear very low and big in the sky.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the unique and powerful energies this rare Summer Solstice Full Moon alignment is bringing. I explain the unique portal of energy that is going to land and how YOU can take advantage of its powers to make your own creations, from herbal medicines to stone elixirs. 🌿 💦 🫙

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“I absolutely loved the Soul Retrieval episode on the podcast! Wow! Hearing you and doing the grid work on the land was beautiful, powerful medicine for me. I feel realigned and re-connected in whole and with my land.”

- Sean

"I can’t tell you how excited I am. I have been studying crystals for over ten years and I am amazed at the shear breadth and depth of the knowledge here.”

- Michele

"I am so grateful to have found a teacher that really resonates with me in stone medicine! I have already received so much and I’m already putting the teachings to work.

This deeper understanding excites me beyond anything I have found on this subject!"

- Cassandra