A live online 9-week certification training in stone and crystal medicine existent to pass you the knowledge of 27 stones according to ancient Daoist texts and beyond, while guiding you through a traditional ceremonial progression of awakening. 

Study from centuries-old masters and teachers 

and watch yourself transform into one of the most well-trained stone healers on Earth. 

Enter the ceremony of the 9-week progression

and experience a personal shift that leads to true embodiment of this path. Now, you can walk with more congruence and carry an integrated wisdom of the stones. 

Watch your world transform 

as you weave the poetry of the stones into your healing, rituals, Earthwork, medicines, and your sacred everyday life. Witness your contribution to the world transform!

Upon completion of Temple of Stone, students will be eligible for 30 CEUs from NCCAOM. (National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Board in the U.S.)

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