e8. Holes in the Aura. Repair with these 3 Stones.

Episode #8

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CCP Blog - Episode 8

Holes in the Aura. Repair with these 3 Stones.

Embark on an extraordinary metaphysical journey in Episode 8 as we delve into the incredible power of three remarkable stones, capable of repairing holes in the aura and mending leakages in the body's energetic protective layers. Gain valuable insight into the circumstances that contribute to these vulnerabilities and the spiritual and physical experiences they may entail. Explore the fascinating workings of each stone, also uncovering an array of bonus options to consider. And prepare to be astounded by the ONE automatic solution that fills and restores these energetic voids, effortlessly.

Spotting the Need for Repair

In various circumstances, individuals may require assistance in healing their energetic field. Situations where ceremonies or rituals were not adequately tended or conducted without proper preparation can give rise to these vulnerabilities. Travel, particularly to significant locations or during intense experiences, can also contribute to the formation of these energetic holes. Initiatory experiences, trauma, abuse, substance abuse, medical trauma, and accidents are additional factors that may leave individuals with openings in their aura and energetic layers. By recognizing the signs exhibited by those in need of repair, such as symptoms of PTSD, memory loss, confusion, fear, weakness, and difficulties in decision-making, we can gain a deeper understanding of the profound impact caused by these energetic voids.

1. Hematite

Botryoidal Hematite is my first choice and primary stone.

Iron emerges as a powerful element capable of filling all holes and acting as a source energy. Hematite, an iron oxide stone, plays a crucial role in repairing and grounding the aura. Its weight provides a sensory element, reminiscent of a comforting weighted blanket. Magnetite, another iron-rich stone, offers magnetic properties that can be harnessed in the healing process. Additionally, certain iron meteorites can be used effectively, although caution must be exercised to ensure the absence of detrimental energies. Hematite, with its innate grounding energy, enables automatic healing as the holes naturally begin to fill.

2. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is my second choice and my assistant stone in the formula.

Characterized by its pink and black composition, Rhodonite possesses remarkable wound healing properties. As a manganese silicate, it fills and holds the heart's energy, much like iron does for blood. Rodonite also contains calcium, providing a skeletal structure upon which growth and progress can occur. The silicate component harmonizes and regulates the stone, making it an essential assistant to hematite in the healing process. Its origin story, in which manganese-rich sludge fills cracks and fissures, solidifies Rodonite's association with filling, mending, and repairing.

3. Opal

Opal is my third stone choice. It's also my transformer. It marks the timing and says, let's create new beginning, a new phase of healing.

With its yin energy, Opal symbolizes filling, holding, and repair. Formed when silica-rich sludge hardens within cracks, veins, and holes, opalizing materials such as seashells and wood exemplify its restorative properties. Opal fosters hope and signifies the start of new beginnings, making it a valuable addition to any healing formula. Precious Opal, with its mesmerizing play of colors, amplifies the transformative nature of this stone, creating an atmosphere of miracles and rainbow-like hope. 

Honorable Mentions

In addition to the three primary stones discussed, there are several honorable mentions worth exploring for their healing properties and contributions to repairing the aura.


Often referred to as the "collagen of stones," acts as a bridge, filling gaps and connecting fragmented elements together. Its ability to mend situations, such as leaky energy flow, makes it an invaluable component in repairing and harmonizing the aura. Kyanite's blue variety is particularly effective in aligning all chakras, facilitating communication between different energetic layers.


Commonly associated with protective qualities, focuses on the membranes surrounding the body. It supports the strengthening and rebuilding of these energetic layers, acting as a shield against external influences. Mica's reflective nature helps to deflect negative energies and maintain the integrity of the aura, promoting overall energetic well-being.


A powerful crystal known for its iron content. With its remarkable strength and the presence of zinc, sphalerite possesses the ability to effectively fill up these energetic holes with its iron properties. Additionally, the stone carries a subtle touch of sulfur, imbuing it with a cleansing and clearing energy. This unique combination provides not only the healing and restoration of the aura but also a sense of purification and entity cleansing. If you resonate with these qualities, sphalerite might be the perfect stone for you.


Another noteworthy stone to consider is General Pyrite, which consists of iron and sulfur. By harnessing the power of iron it contributes to the filling and repair of energetic holes. Moreover, the sulfur component adds a unique quality of burning away, chelating, and clearing energy. This combination of iron and sulfur infuses a potent energy that promotes both healing and purging of energetic blockages.


By harnessing the power of these stones, individuals experiencing holes in their aura can initiate a transformative healing journey. Remember to choose stones that resonate with you personally and work with them in meditation, energy healing practices, or by carrying them with you throughout the day. Embrace the power of these stones and witness the positive impact they can have on your energetic well-being.