Getting Free with Fluorite

Episode #7

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CCP Blog - Episode 7

Getting Free with Fluorite

Fluorite, the enchanting gemstone known for its mesmerizing colors, holds within its depths a profound power to heal and transform. In this captivating blog post, we embark on an exploration of fluorite's remarkable qualities, delving into its various hues and uncovering the hidden potential it possesses. From the tranquil blues to the vibrant yellows, from the soothing greens to the majestic purples, each shade of fluorite holds unique properties that offer healing, liberation, and integration. Join us for episode 7 of the Crystal Clarity Podcast, as we uncover the mysteries and discover the best times to harness the enchanting energies of fluorite.

Fluorite, renowned for its mesmerizing colors, goes beyond being a captivating gemstone – it possesses remarkable healing properties. This unique stone acts as a conduit for evaporation, effortlessly extracting negative energies and addressing latent aspects within us. Just as fluorite, with the highest electronegativity on the periodic table, eagerly seeks connections, it draws out deeply ingrained patterns and emotions. Physically resonating with our core, including bones, kidneys, and the endocrine system, fluorite offers profound healing and transformation at both physical and energetic levels. By dematerializing and dissipating energies, fluorite becomes an invaluable ally for those seeking profound inner healing and liberation.

Yellow Fluorite

Yellow fluorite, with its vibrant hue, possesses unique qualities that make it a valuable tool for healing and support, particularly in the realm of cancer treatment. When working with yellow fluorite, its energy is directed towards pulling out toxins and pathogens that may be stored within the stomach, spleen, and muscles.

These latent substances, such as heavy metals and fire toxins, have been linked to the development of cancer. However, yellow fluorite exhibits a remarkable ability to draw out and release these harmful elements, making it one of the primary stones used in cancer treatment. By engaging with yellow fluorite's energetic properties, we can initiate a process of detoxification and cleansing, addressing the root causes that contribute to the onset of this disease.

Blue Fluorite

Blue fluorite, with its captivating beauty and rarity, holds a special affinity for the kidneys and plays a significant role in healing and support. This exquisite stone is a valuable asset when addressing genetic issues, including conditions present since birth. Blue fluorite resonates deeply with the skeletal system, encompassing the bones, teeth, skull, spine, and overall skeletal structure.

By working with blue fluorite, we can tap into its tranquil energy and initiate healing processes within the genetic makeup. This stone serves as a gentle yet potent ally for promoting skeletal health and addressing genetic imbalances, offering profound support along our healing journey.

Green Fluorite

Green fluorite, with its soothing and refreshing color, possesses remarkable properties that make it a valuable aid in promoting joint health and supporting the liver. This particular variety of fluorite exhibits a unique ability to draw out and release stored energies within the joints, offering relief and promoting flexibility.

Additionally, green fluorite resonates with the liver, a vital organ responsible for detoxification and overall well-being. By engaging with green fluorite's energy, we can harmonize these areas, allowing for greater balance and vitality. Whether seeking to alleviate joint discomfort or support liver function, green fluorite stands as a powerful and nurturing ally along the path to wellness.


Purple Fluorite

Purple fluorite, with its captivating hue, holds a unique and special place among fluorite varieties. In Chinese medicine, purple fluorite is utilized as an herb due to its warming properties. It is crushed and used to warm the womb and lower body, facilitating fertility and aiding in conception.

The warming action of purple fluorite takes the fire and animation from the heart and carries it down into the reproductive organs, infusing warmth and activation throughout the womb, belly, and lower body. This activation can be particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing reproductive issues. By harnessing the harmonious blend of the heart's fiery energy and the coolness of the kidneys, purple fluorite creates an energetic synergy that supports fertility and reproductive well-being.

When to Harness the Power of Fluorite?

Fluorite, with its ability to draw out and dematerialize stored energies, offers profound opportunities for healing and integration. There are specific moments when utilizing fluorite can be especially beneficial:

  1. When you want to pull things out of latency: If you sense something lingering within you that needs to be addressed or if there are attachments or influences from external sources that have deeply embedded themselves within your being, working with fluorite can help draw those energies out from the depths.

  2. Before conception: Prior to embarking on the journey of parenthood, it can be advantageous to engage in a fluorite clearing of the energetic closets. By addressing and releasing deep-seated traumas, programs, and conditioning, you create a more harmonious foundation for the future generations.

  3. Before significant commitments: Before getting engaged or making the decision to get married, couples can benefit from a fluorite cleansing of their individual and shared energetic spaces. By allowing suppressed issues to emerge and be addressed, they can enter their union with greater clarity and mutual understanding.

  4. During periods of astrological significance or personal transitions: If you are entering a significant astrological cycle, approaching a milestone birthday, or preparing for an extended period of personal exploration or growth, working with fluorite can facilitate the emergence and release of stored energies. It becomes an opportunity to integrate and heal as you step into new phases of life.

It is important to note that working with fluorite during these times may bring forth intense experiences or temporarily exacerbate symptoms as part of the healing process. Therefore, stability, support, and readiness for the potential challenges that may arise are crucial considerations.

As we conclude our journey through the world of fluorite, we stand in awe of its transformative prowess. From pulling latent energies out of the depths to infusing warmth and activation, fluorite transcends the boundaries of the physical and the spiritual, reaching into the core of our being. It empowers us to face and release that which no longer serves us, inviting us to embrace the path of healing and integration. With fluorite as our ally, we find the courage to clear the closets of our past, creating a fertile ground for new beginnings and profound self-discovery. May the magic of fluorite continue to guide us on our journey of inner awakening, unveiling the infinite possibilities that await us as we tap into the healing power within.