Earning And Learning With Jade

Episode #2

#jade #earning #cultivation #knowledge #wisdom #order #consciousness #evolution #stones


If there is one stone that is greatly respected in the stone kingdom, especially in the East, it would be the jade. The jade is usually associated with nobility and wealth, and it is said that we must earn our place to learn about it. In this episode, Sarah Thomas takes us deep into what makes this stone so special. Rooted in respect, spiritual evolution, cultivation, and order, Sarah helps us earn and learn with jade. Join her in this great conversation as you learn not only about this stone but also find your own process of transformation. Know the knowledge and wisdom jade passes on to you. Let it be your foundation to keep evolving.


#jade #earning #cultivation #knowledge #wisdom #order #consciousness #evolution #stones


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Show Notes:

03:39 Earning And Cultivating

10:01 Knowledge And Wisdom

12:04 Order Is A Reflection Of The Divine

14:06 The Most Respected Stone


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