Lapis Lazuli And Grace In Your Life

Episode #3

#grace #lapislazuli #upperclarity #crystalclaritypodcast #ancientstonemedicine #divinemother


What if you’re already good enough? What if you absolutely don’t have to do anything? What if the good things in life just shower on you without you asking for it? That is what grace means. You don’t have to be good enough to receive grace. It just comes. It is something that Sarah Thomas loves to talk about because not many people open themselves up to receive grace. If anything, they are more often blocking grace from their lives. In this episode of the Crystal Clarity Podcast, we dive into the concept of grace, how it is connected to the Divine Mother, and how lapis lazuli acts as a trigger for grace to flow. The next time you wear lapis lazuli or give it to someone, you will know its significance and what it can do to a person’s life. Tune in!


#grace #lapislazuli #upperclarity #crystalclaritypodcast #ancientstonemedicine #divinemother


Show Notes:

02:07 Temple of Stone

04:02 Rags to riches

06:23 Grace is free

10:37 The trigger for grace to flow

14:26 Lapis lazuli and the Divine Mother


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