Cosmic Consciousness And The Fate Of Humanity

Episode #4

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CCP Blog - Episode 4

Cosmic Consciousness And The Fate Of Humanity

Beyond our individual selves lies the infinite potential of cosmic consciousness. This force can change not only our lives, but the world as well.

Through exploration and understanding of this transcendent force, we can unlock the key to a more harmonious and enlightened future for all. In this episode, Sarah Thomas explores the fascinating topic of cosmic consciousness and its potential impact on the world. She dives deep into the concept of cosmic consciousness and its relevance to our modern world. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the mysteries of the universe and our place within it. Whether you're a scientific skeptic, a spiritual seeker, or simply curious about the nature of existence, this episode promises to be a thought-provoking and inspiring exploration of one of the most important questions of our time.

This is an interesting episode about whether or not humanity is going to make it. Is there going to be another mass extinction? Have we been going through great cycles that could lead to a great cataclysm? Why is it said that these 10 years that we're in from 2017 to 2027 are the most critical period in the entire history of humanity? How is becoming more conscious about what you upload into the cosmic consciousness going to have an effect on how we move into the next cycle or age? We can do it without a lot of pain and suffering and tragedy. It matters what you are saying and believing about it.

If you've ever heard somebody say, “Humans are causing many problems here. We shouldn't even be here anymore.” If you've ever had this thought to yourself, this episode is great for you because it will help you orient to a more conscious way of thinking about that, and hopefully cement into you that what you're thinking has an effect. We're going to talk about the relationship between stones and crystals in this whole process of awakening that we're going through. It's a cool one. I'll see you inside.


It has to do with the way that our unconscious programming affects our fate and the outcome of our lives, and how that's all happening on a greater scale. Let's start talking about this. We had a giant earthquake in Syria and Turkey. In the time that I'm doing this, we've had 40,000 or 50,000 people pass away in that giant earthquake. It’s such a tragedy. We continue to have more hurricanes, cyclones, and damaging storms. We have these types of weather events that we never even had when I was a kid. In the US, we have these horrible lightning storms with tornadoes inside them in the winter. We never used to have that.

It's strange. There are atmospheric rivers, and I heard on a documentary that there are going to be probably about twenty different very significant hurricanes that will hit the US every year from here forward because of the way that the planet is heating up, but there also could be some other factors behind that that remain hidden.

Everybody is talking about nuclear war. Is it possible that we could go into another nuclear war? There have been five horrible chemical toxic spills trained derailments and huge semi-trucks falling over with horrible toxic chemicals that are going to damage nature and the Earth. Five of them were recently in the US, which is another suspicious event happening. On top of all of this, we could be hit by an asteroid at any time. There's no reason why we couldn't get hit by an asteroid.

There's a lot of space out there, but it's another thing that could bring us to this next mass extinction. It's a possibility. We are at a critical time. We are in a ten-year window. That is the most critical time in the history of humanity. 2017 to 2027 is the most critical 10-year period in all of the history of humanity. What we choose and decide here will determine how we move into the next golden age, and moving into the golden age is imminent. We will move into a golden age. We don't know what kind of destruction or at what cost, or if that will be seamless and beautiful.

We’re all determining that now with our very powerful imaginations and thoughts. That's what this episode is all about. What is the fate of humanity? Why are all these things gearing up? Most importantly, what can you do to have an effect on what happens to humanity? Even more important than that, honestly, is to see what are your programs. What are your beliefs? What are your perspectives about whether or not humanity should go on, can go on, or will go on? Where are you with that? My friend said, “I want to buy a house, but what's the point of doing that if we're headed toward the next mass extinction?”

She’s aware and there are a lot of ancient cultures saying this. I talk about this all the time. The congruence of deep ancient wisdom traditions coming and speaking up about what a critical time we're at. I'm not surprised that she said that. I hear more people questioning out loud, “Are we going to make it?” I hear more people also saying, “I don't even think we should make it. We are ruining the Earth, hurting each other, destroying our environment, and causing much suffering. Maybe humanity should not be here.”

Probably, if we're honest, we've all had that thought at some point. You see something awful, horrible, and painful. This is one thing that breaks your heart. I'll speak for myself, but I'm speaking in you plural because I feel like we've all been here. For myself, I've had moments where I've thought, “I don't even know if it would be better if we were gone. It would be better if humanity was not here.” The thing is a lot of people are starting to think that more and we feel the incongruence of the potential of love that we know that we are that we have that nature is emanating all the time.

When we see the absolute horror that is happening, the way people, animals, and other living things are getting left behind, and when we see tragedies, it's painful and we all say that at some moments. The thing is that we're headed up to past 8 billion people. What we're hoping to have to happen is a 100th monkey effect, or a sheet of ice will suddenly happen on a lake. It will be a still lake and suddenly, it will all freeze over because a critical mass of water molecules freezes.

As soon as that critical mass freezes, the entire thing freezes. That’s the 100th monkey effect. What we are hoping is we can get a critical mass of about 10% of humanity to awaken to high enough levels that the sheet of ice of all of humanity will awaken and it will be a sudden awakening because we hit that 100th monkey effect. I do a lot on my spiritual tradition working towards that 84,000 people. That would be about 10% of 8.4 billion people. As this collective of 8.4 billion people, or we're somewhere around 8 billion to 8.4 billion people, we are one being.

Everybody here is one, and we're all part of that human. We're beyond brothers and sisters. We're all living inside the same body. We have the same beating heart. If you could see us from higher perspectives and consciousness, we are one being. In the way that one human like me has only 5% of what I know in my consciousness and 95% of what I know is in my subconscious or unconscious, and I don't even know that I know it, all of those unconscious, subconscious programs and beliefs are what’s running my life. That's a lot that I don't even know that I know.

They have a very strong effect on my fate, destiny, and day-to-day life. Of course, this goes back to Carl Jung’sthe power of the unconscious mind and the subconscious mind. It goes way further back than Carl Jung. Everybody knew this a long time ago. In ancient cultures, in wisdom traditions, just as that is happening in me. I know what I know consciously about what I hope happens to humanity and what I believe, but there's still 95% of me that is unconscious or subconscious that's more powerful and running the shell. Think of this one big being that is the one being that is humanity. The one human that is our oneness.

Our collective consciousness is about 5%. We're aware of what's happening in our collective consciousness and our collective unconscious is about 95%. A lot is happening in the collective consciousness. Things like my friends saying, “I don't even know if I should buy a house because the next extinction is coming,” and there's a ton happening, our collective unconscious about the fate of humanity.

Here's where things get interesting. Our collective unconscious is feeding a lot of information to what is called Cosmic Consciousness. Think of the cosmic consciousness as a neutral akashic record or a neutral mirror of us, but something that's much larger than us. Everything that this one great human of humanity is believing, perceiving, and perceptualizing in our unconscious. We're feeding that to this cosmic consciousness or this akashic record that is almost a great neutral computer or something. As we feed those thoughts, it has an effect on, “Here's what I'll give back to humanity.” This is simply a mechanism through which we create our reality and we imagine reality into being, which is one of our great superpowers.

We are uploading a lot of information to this cosmic consciousness. If we are thinking all the time that humanity is no good and it should not even be here, we upload it into that cosmic consciousness and it says, “I'm going to give them what they're creating because it's a reflection and they're creators. I'm going to throw an asteroid at them and give them what they're creating, the end of humanity, or end them with a giant pandemic, a giant earthquake, a super volcano, or whatever.” All these things are possibilities.

It's the power of the collective unconscious, uploading information into the cosmic consciousness, and that force is helping us to create our reality. This is why I teach. This is why I do everything that I do. This next statement I'm going to say is truly the purpose of my life. I know all of the product problems on this planet will automatically disappear when humanity awakens. Humanity awakening does stop all of the problems here. This place is a paradise. It is a perfect natural paradise. It is incredibly divine because we as humans have this program in us called the self. That is running the show.

It's like a program or almost like a virus we got infected with or something. The self is running the show and the self fully believes that we are completely separate from one another. The self is always in fear and that is the root of the self. The root of the biological self is separation and the root of the psychological self is identification. The self is running the show and it is always scared and separated, and we're waking up to that. That’s what awakening is. We wake up to it and we start to see the self. We see that program and suddenly that program, “The witness is seeing me now.” Once we start to see it, it starts to dissolve quickly because humanity is awakening and will end all of the problems on this Earth.

I am all about humanity awakening. It's the most important thing that I could ever put my energy and time into is the awakening of humanity. It's true that we are causing all of the problems here. When we say that, it's true. If you've had the thought, humanity shouldn't even be here because we are messing things up. We're causing quite a bit of suffering here. The reason I wanted to make this episode and talk about this is because I'm hoping this will help you catch yourself and become conscious of your thoughts about humanity and as this bubble out of you.

All of the product problems on this planet will automatically disappear when humanity awakens.

If you're thinking humanity is causing all of the problems here, they should go away and we should all die. Know that you're uploading that into the cosmic consciousness and that's making a great effect. The more people think that, the more that we upload that into the cosmic consciousness. It helps us create our reality because that's what we are. That asteroid that's out in the middle of nowhere changes its course a little bit to head towards us or that volcano could have released its pressure in some other ways through some other metamorphic plate. It doesn't a course correct and it says, “I'll be a super volcano, a virus, earthquakes, atmospheric rivers, or the fires and end humanity.”

What do you think or say about humanity matters? Instead of saying, “Humanity is causing all of the problems here, we should all die.” You might choose to say, if this resonates, “Humanity is causing all of the problems here, we should just awaken and catch ourselves.” Humanity is causing all of the problems here is true. We should just awaken and make it into the golden age without a lot of horrible extinction, mass extinction, suffering, and pain. That golden age is imminent. We don't know how we're going to get there. We can get there without a nuclear war, a zombie apocalypse, or an AI scene like in the Terminator where the AI turns around and kills us all.

We can get there with love, some grace, and some ease. We can make it. We're in this critical period. It matters what you think. What stone medicine does is it takes all of that stuff and that 95% of us that we don't even know that we know. Our suppressed, repressed, subconscious, all of our perspectives and beliefs, and everything that we're living by the hardened past inside of our psychology takes all of that and it starts moving up to the surface and we start to see it. When these deeply buried programs come up to the surface, there's a lot of hope because to see is to be free. When something comes into the light, sometimes that's the beginning, the middle, and the end of the process.

Once it's in the light, it's done and gone. It's like, “Hallelujah, it's gone.” Stones move what is hidden up to the surface because stones are hidden in the Earth and they have that resonance with what is hidden in us so they can move that up to the surface. Much of what healing is is all of the stuff that is hidden inside us, coming up to be seen and to be freed. We lose the self and we become transparent to the light. We become a vessel or hollow bones for the divine. A crystal was seen as such a spiritually evolved entity because it was transparent to the light. You could hold up this beautiful quartz crystal.

The more transparent it was, the more that it was going to help you on your journey to transparency. I think about how one stone for one person can move energy that is hidden in me up to the surface to be seen and healed. It’s like ancestral karmic or old stuff that you don't even know about inside of you. Think about the whole collective of humanity and what we have stored inside us that is unconscious. Think about the stones in the Earth and what we're saying about our fate. If we're saying, “Humanity should live or die,” think about how we are moving that information. We're programming the stones in the Earth with those beliefs and perspectives unconsciously.

The stones in the Earth are feeling that and might have a role in that cosmic consciousness and energy exchange between those two. The stones in the whole Earth can be something that moves up and have an effect on the whole collective of humanity so that we can see our unconscious programs and become aware, which is awakening for the whole collective of humanity. I like to think about all the stones under the oceans and all the crystals under the land. There are many stones on this Earth. It is an enormous vast region of stones and crystals, and as the great record keepers, how they are interacting with this collective of humanity, this one being of human consciousness.

The stones in the Earth might play a role in waking all of us up. Bringing it back to you and I here in this little moment together. If you don't have a genuine, natural, authentic sense of compassion for humanity, that's okay. What you can do is ask for a state of compassion for humanity. If we stop saying, “We hate humanity. Humanity is causing everything and humanity should die,” we start having compassion for humanity. Humanity has been in a tough spot with this program of the self. We've been going through a very dark age for a long time, and if you can feel that compassion for humanity, that is going to program the cosmic consciousness in a way that could help us all move into the golden age with ease and less suffering.

If you don't have a genuine, natural, authentic sense of compassion for humanity, that's okay. What you can do is ask for a state of compassion for humanity.

If you don't feel that compassion, ask for a state of compassion. Let it be something that you add to your prayers or your morning ritual, “Please let me feel compassion for humanity because that's going to help us.” In closing, I heard about a civilization that was found in Alpha Centauri or something. There's another civilization out there. We know it for sure. What if we heard that that civilization was infected with a program called the self? They were all in this illusion that they were all separate and all had to fight. They were in scarcity and had to fight to survive. They were under that illusion and they were scared all of the time and working through that program, awakening and shedding that program.

In the meantime, they were ruining their environment, their home, and their habitat. They were causing ecological disasters and killing other life in their habitat. They were coming into this critical ten years where their fate would be decided if they would go extinct again. If you heard that they had this infection of the self that they always felt separated and afraid, they had lost their connection with the old ways and oneness in nature, and yet, they still loved and cared for each other, raised their kids with care and saved animals out of bad situations.

They took care of each other and their neighbors, they smiled and tried to wake up in the middle of all that, be good, and contribute to the world in a good way. They still, when they saw someone suffering, tried to bring ease to their suffering. I would say about that civilization, “It took a lot of courage for them to go into that dream or that illusion where they were separate and they're still acting from their hearts and in such a critical period. You go, guys.”

I would root and cheer for them. I would feel like, “I hope you all make it. You're amazing. Look at all the courage that it takes for you to dive into that illusion in a dark age where everything that you love could be taken from you any day that you're here and where you don't know exactly where you're going after you die.” It's incredible, courageous warriors who are acting from the heart in the middle of this time when so much is at stake. I would be rooting for them. If you would be rooting for them too, become conscious of what you're saying about humanity.

Look at all the courage that it takes for you to dive into that illusion. Where you don't know exactly where you're going after you die, where everything that you love could be taken from you any day that you're here.

It's becoming important and critical. Remember that every time you work with stones and you tune into them, you bring your care and your attention to this part of the Earth that deals with what is deep, hidden, repressed, and shove down. You work with them and you say, “Let these programs and old things come out through me that my ancestors have been carrying and riding in this collective unconscious that has been moving.” It's a beautiful way to purify during this great stage of purification that we're in and prepare for this imminent golden age.

Have some compassion for humanity, and if you don't, ask for a state of compassion for humanity because what you're feeling and thinking matters.

Have some compassion for humanity, and if you don't, ask for a state of compassion for humanity because what you're feeling and thinking matters. You're programming the cosmic consciousness with what you think. With a lot of love for you guys, I'm rooting for you. I know that you are caring for people, animals, and the Earth. You're waking up every morning and trying to make this world a better place to the best of your abilities. Keep awakening. It's sweet that as I said those last words, this tiny little bird landed on my window. I'm here and I can see it beautifully and perfectly. It stood there very close, and it must have been a sign. What you say matters, and stones will help you keep waking up to everything that is inside. Go humanity. We can do it.