3 Superpowers Of All Red Stones

Episode #1

#redstones #cinnabar #redtourmaline #jasper #carnelian #ruby #hematite #upperclarity #crystalclaritypodcast


We bleed red. Blood is warmth. It is animation. It is emotion. It is what makes us alive. And red represents all of those qualities and more. That is why there is power in red, and the ancients were aware of it. In this episode of Crystal Clarity Podcast, Sarah Thomas shares with us the three superpowers of red stones. And yes, they are true superpowers. Think about cinnabar, red tourmaline, carnelian, ruby, and hematite. Ancient peoples – even those who painted ochre in caves – recognized their value and used them for a variety of sacred purposes. Tune in to this episode and get to know your red stones more intimately, so you can use them whenever you or someone else needs them.


#redstones #cinnabar #redtourmaline #jasper #carnelian #ruby #hematite #upperclarity #crystalclaritypodcast


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Show Notes:

02:14 Temple of Stone

05:18 We bleed red

10:25 Red stones bring energy/vitality to the living system

12:27 Red stones ground us and connect us to the earth

16:36 Red stones bring us to the heart


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