Phenakite and Sandalwood Combine for a Pineal Gland Activation

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CCP Blog - Episode 14

Phenakite and Sandalwood Combine for a Pineal Gland Activation

Hello and welcome to episode 14 of the Crystal Clarity Podcast. This is all about creating your own pineal gland activation with a sacred crystal and a sacred tree in combination. We're going to talk today about why phenakite and sandalwood come together to create this potential for this pineal gland activation.


Understanding Pineal Gland Activation

We're going to talk all about this beautiful combination, how to bring these crystals together, this crystal and tree together practically so they can work together, and then I'm going to give you a little three-point protocol that you can do with the merging of these two sacred medicines; crystal and tree, how awesome is that?

 When I discovered that sandalwood was such a great combination with phenakite to activate the pineal gland, I thought this is just the best way to give myself a boost when I sit down to meditate or sit down to give or receive a treatment or do some kind of ceremony or sacred experience. It's just the perfect simple combination to say, I want to go a little bit higher.

 The pineal gland is really reactive to light and is associated with our crown and our third eye. It's a tiny little gland situated in the center of our brains, surrounded by craniosacral fluid. The pineal gland has crystals in it and is surrounded by this fluid full of electrolytes and ions, creating a bath of light.

 There's a purity in your heart that I want you to be reminded of in this practice too. And there's a purity in the pineal gland, and all of this energy of purity aligns between all of these elements. It feels like ice skating on the Great Lakes in complete silence in the beauty of nature.


The Role of Phenakite

Phenakite is a crystal known for its high frequency, associated with third eye and crown chakra experiences. It's a pure form of crystals like emerald or aquamarine, amplifying and harmonizing the beryllium within it. Beryllium, being very light, connects us to more light, creating a sense of lightness and lifting our spirits.

 Sandalwood, sourced ethically, takes 50 years to mature, and its oil is extracted from the heart of the tree. It has been historically used as the most used spiritual incense globally. Sandalwood brings a dual combination of grounding and opening, calming fears, releasing anxiety, and connecting to higher realms.

 The combination of sandalwood and phenakite creates heart-brain coherence. Touching specific points with an anointing oil of these two creates a vibrational communication within the body. This coherence allows for a wider range of frequency perception, aiding in the activation of the pineal gland.


Practical Application

To practically use this combination, create an elixir of phenakite and use it in conjunction with sandalwood oil. Anoint specific points - REN17, third eye, and crown chakra - to enhance the pineal gland activation. Treat these sacred medicines with honor and sacredness, helping yourself, your family, and your communities.


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