Orpiment Grids for Ghosts, Purging and Purification

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CCP Blog - Episode 15

Orpiment Grids for Ghosts, Purging and Purification

Sometimes letting go, or releasing, or a gentle release just isn't enough. Sometimes we need to purge, have a big exodus of energy, leave our body, space, spirit, or even our child and the things we want to protect.

This episode is all about that – burning away intense energies with arsenic trisulfide orpiment. Welcome back to the Crystal Clarity Podcast. I'm Sarah Thomas, a healer and acupuncturist with 20 years of experience in crystal and stone healing.

In my healing work, I focus on spiritual origins of disease, delving deep into holistic Chinese medicine. We explore past lives, karmas, ancestry, and soul-level language, addressing everything about a person's life.

As healers, we become doctors, therapists, and priests, embracing everything within the scope of true holistic healing. We stand toe to toe with people's demons, facing the deepest threads and bringing about quantum-level changes in their lives.

Image of Orpiment

Today, I want to talk about an incredibly potent soul-level stone – Orpiment. It's perfect for purging intense energies, ghosts, and dense blocks. When the words "releasing" or "letting go" fall short, Orpiment steps in to create a major movement and release.

I've witnessed powerful transformations with Orpiment, especially in cases of haunting energies or traumatic losses. It goes beyond just talking about it; it requires a deep purification.

Orpiment becomes a crucial ally for those who engage in intense healing work, standing in the fire with individuals, wrestling their demons. It's an important stone for healers who go deep into people's struggles, providing courage, love, and alchemical change.

Orpiment can be placed in spaces or yards to clear dense or stagnant energy. You can create a grid using quartz crystals to capture Orpiment's vibration and distribute it around the room. This stone has a strong resonance in the back right corner of spaces and the center, aligning with its fire and earth elements.

For a more personal approach, use Orpiment in heart-guided frequency layouts. Place the stone or its captured essence with quartz crystals on a picture of yourself to facilitate a profound release. This method can be applied to specific chakras or areas where you feel the need for purification.

Orpiment has a softness and a monoclinic crystal structure, making it accessible and practical. Its literal and straightforward nature makes it a powerful tool for major actions like purging. Be cautious, as it's a toxic stone – never ingest it directly or make an elixir. Use indirect methods to capture its essence.

In conclusion, Orpiment is an alchemical powerhouse, burning away intense energies and providing a potent tool for purification. Approach it with respect and care, allowing its transformative qualities to bring about deep shifts in your energetic landscape.

Thank you for joining me on this Crystal Clarity Podcast episode. I'm Sarah Thomas, reminding you that sometimes, a purge with Orpiment is exactly what you need. See you in the next episode.