The Power of Crystal Grids and Earth Gridwork

Episode 21 explains the essence of crystal gridwork and the Earth grids. So let’s get into it….

This episode is actually another layer of the BREAKTHROUGH that we started in Episode 20 where we move from healing with minerals on humans in stone medicine into healing with minerals for other life forms and consciousnesses such as healing with the earth. But in this episode we will be answering the question of “What is earth gridwork?” A lot of people get confused when we touch upon this topic, but I want to take this undefinable thing and bring it into some common language for you to understand.

In one word….. gridwork is a CONSCIOUSNESS!

In episode 21 of the Crystal Clarity Podcast, you’ll be vibing with:

  • The power of crystal grids and earth gridwork - what these words mean and the consciousness they bring to earth
  • How and why certain churches, temples or sacred sites feel alive
  • What the word “crystal” really encodes within it
  • Examples of this work that will allow you to see it simply and work with it in everyday life 

GRIDWORK. A word I use all the time…defined. This episode is bringing me so much life.

If you're interested in diving deeper, our Land Healing and Earth Gridwork course is opening soon. Join the waitlist here and get notified when doors are open.