e25. The Heart of Daoism and the Creation Codes of Light, part 3.

You've made it to the final video in this 3-part series! If you haven't watched the first two, go watch those first!

Episode 23 - Part 1

Episode 24 - Part 2

We arrive now at the most powerful state of consciousness of all. It’s been hiding right in the heart of the Dao. THIS episode (25) was the inspiration for the entire 3–part series! The Genesis of Light has been all about how to generate massive amounts of spiritual light with your own form, and the state of consciousness I talk about here creates the MOST light of all! 🌟

In this final episode of the series, you’ll learn about what the word 'Genesis' really means. You’ll learn:

  • How it relates to Isis
  • How it relates to Mother Earth
  • How it’s connected to the stones
  • And, how it’s within YOU.

You’ll also learn why sunstone moonstone, pyrite, and clear quartz can all help induce this powerful state of consciousness. We really are crystalline antennas! So, see… there’s another layer. Once you hear it, you'll never forget it...