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Many misconceptions and myths surround stone medicine and crystal healing. And yet, "tapped in" seers, builders, and healers have applied the power of stones since the dawn of humanity. Their ability to treat spiritual and physical disease and elevate human consciousness has been proven for thousands of years across the world. If you work in alternative healing and seek guidance about ancient methods for the application of stones and crystals, you are in the right place.

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🎧 37 min listen

Episode 11: How to Amplify Your Crystal Magic With the Power of the Moon

In this podcast episode, you will learn how the moon influences crystals and stones, discover how to align your rituals with lunar phases, and explore the connection between these natural beings and the moon's cycles.

🎧 26 min listen

Episode 10: How to Trigger a Full Genetic Reset After Life-Changing Impacts

In this podcast episode, you will learn about the art of genetic reset through vibrational medicines and the transformative potential of specific stones. Discover how these tools can help you restore your life's trajectory and unlock your highest potential.

🎧 33 min listen

Episode 9: How to Clear Emotions and Energetic Imprints from Heirloom Jewelry

In this podcast episode, you will learn how to clear emotional and energetic imprints from heirloom jewelry. Discover a simple ritual using hematite, a stone deeply connected to Earth's energy.

🎧 30 min listen

Episode 8: Holes in the Aura. Repair with these 3 Stones

In this podcast episode, you will learn about three stones that can repair holes in the aura and energetic protective layers around the body. Discover the circumstances that may create these holes, the experiences of individuals with such gaps, and the top three stones for repairing and filling them.


Meet your host

Sarah Thomas, LAc

Host and founder of Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine

Sarah is a healer, acupuncturist and educator with 15 years of clinical and academic experience within Daoist stone medicine. Sarah's been honored and blessed to stand on the front lines as a soul healer, sharing these treatments day in and day out, with some beautiful souls for almost twenty years now.

Sarah is the founder and lead instructor at the Upper Clarity School, teaches at Earth medicine conferences all over the U.S., founded North Carolina's first mineral studies program for healers, and guides hundreds of students from all over the world in stone medicine certification trainings.

Sarah's Dao is to resurrect the vast and uncharted potential of healing with stones.

Important Disclaimer:


As a stone medicine practitioner and educator, Sarah Thomas, LAc is not promoting the uneducated use of stones and crystals. 

Sarah Thomas is only offering education. 

Do not make and ingest crushed stones or stone elixirs. This can be very dangerous. We have a course on Making Stone Elixirs safely. If you’re interested in making elixirs SAFELY and vibrationally, take that course.